This is a page where I am planning to collate the contributing entries (other than the daily prompts and weekly photo challenges) that I have done for projects initiated by fellow bloggers. Since these are kind of challenges by themselves to me, I thought of collating them in one page for my reference.

  1. Project O and my entry 
  2. Project R and my entry
  3. Photo blogging challenge by Travel Supermarket
  4. My first online interview with an author: One on One with author  Mr. Michael M. McConaughey on the event of the launch of his book ,The Mirror – Book One: Welcome to the Evil Sisterhood.

5 thoughts on “Participations”

  1. You’re going to find, ere long, that you’re not quite happy with this, and will … ahh … rearrange it. And then, not long after doing that, you’ll realise that the rearrangment isn’t quite what you thought it would be – and so it goes, on and on. 🙂 We all do it, this kind of setting up; and we all change it after a while. Best of luck with it!


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