WPC: Surprise

I have got three surprises for you this week 😉

As part of the Christmas decorations in a shop here in London, this cute little creature is the surprise gift from inside a stocking. Would you say no?


As you all know already, cats and I don’t get along very well. But this little fellow surprised me when I was taking photographs of these decorations in a Temple in Chennai. These decorative pieces usually adore the outer walls of the temple.


and last, but not the least is my homemade carrot and coriander soup, which surprisingly came out very well (not that it takes much effort but given that I am not a great fan of cooking …well, you know…) and it went well with some sunflower seeds and a cashew nut.

Wordless Wednesday


A fine day

A fine day with loads of sunshine and parks filled with people (with their 🍻) and their pets. 

Flowers & Buds

Gather the flowers, but spare the buds. – Andrew Marvell

PS: Double Exposure photograph of withered jasmine flowers and fenugreek buds from our home. We finally got around to having a couple of pots of flowers and herbs, even though there aren’t much space left in our studio apartment 😉