A-Z Book List: Z for Zero

The final letter of the Alphabet series and I haven’t read any book that has a title that starts with this letter too. At least I have a book in the ‘to be read’ series in Goodreads that is related.

Name: Zero Day by David Baldacci

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Fiction, Action, Adventure

You have no idea how long this book has been there in the want-to-read list. I have no clue why I haven’t got any of his books yet. They belong to my favorite genre too. I am not sure if the books being war related stories that is stopping me. I have never been too fond of those. That is why I haven’t read Tom Clancy’s books (very political) except for one, I believe. I haven’t read much of John Girisham too. But yeah, hopefully one day I do hope to cover all these author’s and try and get a handle on these war based, political drama’s. But until then, it will be on my want-to-read list.

Do you have any suggestions for any other book that starts with this alphabet? Don’t forget to drop in the name of the book.

Finally, I have completed my A-Z Book series successfully and in time too, before the April’s A-Z challenge can start 😉 All the very best for the bloggers who are taking part in the challenge and I will definitely try and check out some of the posts from time to time. Good luck y’all.

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Thoughts, Words, Action

“Words are nothing by loud thoughts.” said my friend.

“Not entirely. [Words are] more of censored thoughts or to be more precise [Words are ] thoughts filtered through societal norms. ” said I.

[courtesy: a late night conversation]

I also read somewhere that ‘Drunk words are sober thoughts’ 😉 I am not sure of that. Irrespective of my alcohol induced-buzzed state or otherwise, my words always appear a little buzzed.

I do filter them because even though I might scream profanities in my head, I hardly say them out loud. And when I do say them, I sort of get a loud response in the form of silence. In my college, during a lecture, I remembered one of a guest lecturer saying that ‘be careful about your thoughts and words, because it will circle the world and will come back to you one time or the other’. That is why I am a little careful about what I say.

I am also not a person who will voice out whatever I think. I think a lot. My brain can go to all places and create a mind map of its own from a single source point. It’s probably the case with everyone. It would definitely make me look a little crazy if I voice out every one of them. But sometimes thoughts are just not enough isn’t. Unless I voice them out or give them form using words, they may mean something to me, but they don’t carry enough weight as much as they should. But once we give them form using words, is that enough? They say actions speak louder than words? So should we convert the thoughts to actions or words? Does it depend on what the thought is about? Should some thoughts just remain as thoughts? Let me give you some examples for these which came to my mind. Let us say I miss someone, should I tell them or show them? If I am so angry at someone that I wish them ill, should this thought be even given a form either as words or actions? If I think of something creative, would it be enough to explain it or will it carry more weight if I put it in action?

Thoughts are the most powerful among all these. Because it is solely ours. It can’t be twisted in any form. It can’t be misunderstood. It can’t be misinterpreted. It is the purest form because it is within the confines of our mind and has the power to affect our soul. But unless it is given a form, it will also die an easy death. It can be lost in the huge maze of our mind. And only we have the power to convert it. And that power makes each of us a creator. Does it?

I guess, I got carried away with the topic 🙂 There was one other thing that was discussed but I will come back to it later.

Furious 7

Finally, made it to the movie in IMAX and 3D. Thankfully, I did not have an headache after the movie, which if not the 3D glasses, all the sound effects related to the blasts and the action sequences should have caused, but surprisingly no headache. In fact I felt so… energized.. 😉 Wonder why.

We know how it would end, we know who gets hurt and who doesn’t etc etc.. So no going into the story or anything. But when Jason Stratham and Vin Diesel really get into that street fight mode, I now know to whom my heart goes. Its Vin Diesel. Doubt cleared. I thought I will feel bad for Jason, but nope. Action sequences were amazing….be it jumping cars from that plane , or the bus sequence with Paul, the car flying between buildings, exchanging people between two running cars, whoa!!! They have taken the action to a whole new level. Too good.. I was on the edge of my seat for some of them and clapping so hard after they ended. Good one liners for Vin Diesel and some comic relief by Tyrese (especially the one where he has to jump with his car from the plane….and where he talks about management…) Jason doesn’t have much scope for acting and even with action, it was very primitive. Dwayne Johnson comes when he is required and no more. Sound track in the background was very good and was the sound effects.

But at the end, I had tears in my eyes. Because of the perfect tribute to Paul Walker that was done at the last 5-10 mins. Couldn’t have done it any better. Was so touching and heart felt. When we see the old clippings that is when we can see how much they have grown up in the span of these 6 movies. RIP Paul. And I am glad I watched this in theater in 3D and IMAX, even though the movie is both ridiculous and wonderful at the same time.

SoCS: Action And Attachment

In Bhagavad Gita, there is a line like this, (where Krishna sort of advices Arjuna)

Be focused on action and not on the fruits of action. Do not become confused in attachment to the fruit of your actions and do not become confused in the desire for inaction

In short it means, you should work for the sake of the work and not for its results.

Easy for Him (Krishna is a Lord) to say, and may be Arjuna did understand that and tried his level best in Mahabharata. But as mere mortals, and not being any characters of an epic novel, how easy or difficult is it to follow this principle. In real life we generally do something because of the result of it isn’t. For instance, I am working a job which pays me well. Now, is the job the action and the pay the fruits of action here ? So in that case, if I am switching jobs to get a better pay, does that mean I am attached to the fruits of my action more than the action itself ?

How relevant is this principle in the current scenario ? What do you think are some of the actions that might hold true to what Krishna said ?

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: attach/attachment. It can be about love or anything else!

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WPC: Extra, Extra

This week’s photo challenge is : Extra, Extra

That extra splash of color during sunrise.


An extra in the scene. I was about to take the picture of the sleeping statue when suddenly this kid came in between and posed for me. She was so happy that I took her picture and as was I. Now I am not sure who the extra is, the kid or the statue 😉


Those extra fast birds. They were wandering here and there and when I was about to focus on the lady and the dog, these birds walked right into the frame even before I could blink.


Busking for some extra income.