WWF-UK Xmas Ad – Very Cute

Not sure if this is really a Christmas Advert, but since it is publicized as such, I will take it and I think among all the ones (Christmas Ads) I have watched so far, this one is by far the cutest.

John Lewis Parody Ad

The Christmas ads are all over the place now. Some of very good, some are very cute, some very average. Here is the one by John Lewis. I wasn’t very happy about this ad. But it was OK.

But what is funnier is the Parody of this ad which was done based on the recent US Elections. It has been done so well, I just absolutely loved it. Hats off to their creativity 😉 I loved this parody much more than the original one.

Let’s do it!

I joined a new gym, much closer to home, from this month and as part of their process, they do an evaluation and tell you the kind of exercises, the frequency, etc would benefit you and of course they take your preferences into consideration too. It is a little high tech when compared to the one I was used to. But the best part is that I can use any facilities i.e. the gym, the classes, etc as many times I want and whenever I want. And given that it takes only 10 mins from my home it is a huge deal. No more traffic. And the walk to the gym is my warm up. This video couldn’t have come at the more appropriate time, I should say 🙂 I have done well with my health after gymming for almost 2 years. But there is a lot more to do. The list is ready (after a couple of assessments) and goals are set for the next 6 months. Now, Let’s Do It!

Wanna visit Gotham?

For the record, my favorite superhero is Batman. So I was so excited to see this advertisement. Even though it is for the promotion of the upcoming film (which I am not sure if I will be seeing it, but then who knows!) it is still so amazing. Come on, why not have a city with that name heh? It would be so cool. Imagine having a set built like Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Castle, where you can go and see the city in its all glory. I am not sure if they already have one somewhere. But until then, enjoy the promotion 🙂

It takes time yaar

This one made me smile. Not easy to handle stuttering as is, but for a comedian, I don’t even want to imagine. Reminded me of an incident when I saw the “buffering” line. During my college days the internet was new and our university had VSAT mode of communication, which was very very slow. So whenever I used to get stuck due to my stammer, I used to tell them that it’s taking time for my thoughts to come to my tongue because it’s using VSAT and not fiber optics 🙂