Difference in our homes

Recently, when I was skyping with a person from UK, the first thing they noticed was that I had a fan running on. The comment was ‘You have a fan!!!’ It was said with such an exclamatory effect , it had me in splits. I have been to US and UK and I did realize that they have air conditioners to change between the temperatures (make it hot when its cold outside and make it cold when its hot outside) but we Indians (and I guess most of the Asians or at least South and East Asians) still rely on our good old fan , even though many have slowly started to use the air conditioners for summers, but still, it is only for cold air. We really don’t get a season that cold enough to use a heater, so we are good there (at least down south we don’t) When I was watching the episodes of Anglophenia (to which I am subscribed to), I saw this one and made me smile. Mostly because we follow a lot of what British people (or should I say Britisher’s) left us with when they were ruling us.

Now that you have got some idea, here are some points with respect to Indian homes. Hope you enjoy them 😉 .
a) We do have plug points just like the British, with an on and off switch (which is something my friend who moved to US recently was complaining about) but they are not down and near the floor. Most of our switches are almost at 5 feet or above.

b) We do not have baths in our bathroom. That means we do not have bath tubs (unless you belong to the rich group or you have fancy bath and have enough space to install a bath tub at your apartment or house) We only have showers or fill the bucket and use the mug to take a bath.

c) Kitchen is totally off limits to anything related to washing, unless it is washing the utensils. There is either a utility area (which is currently the norm in new apartments) or the backyard or a place beyond the kitchen for washing machines or to have a big unmovable stone to wash your clothes (the age old , use your hand to do the washing kind of thing, which we still follow)

d) Most of the homes do not have a plug point for anything else other than a switch for the geyser or water heater in their bathrooms. Most of us still use the old style non electronic razor (remember the one the Bond used in SkyFall ?) So our hair dryers or electronic razor are either done in the bedroom (where there are additional electrical sockets) or may be in utility area.

e) Most of the houses here do not have facility for Western Toilets, but even if they do, they do not have facility for health faucets. Recently people have started to install health faucets but still, we do lack a place for paper towels. So do not expect paper towels in our homes. We all still use water and wash our hands with soap after and use the cloth towels to dry them off.