What’s with these fire alarms…

On Friday, we had a fire alarm going on in the school just before the school was about to start. Thankfully, not many kids were in the building. The steam from the Kettle in the kitchen was the culprit. Having done the recent Fire Marshal Training and being nominated as one of the Fire Marshals, it wasn’t easy to remember to herd all the kids and not to mention the school dog, through Fire Exits and stand there freezing in the cold until it was all sorted.

On Saturday, we were back home after a quick trip to Central London for shopping and were relaxing watching Taggart when the fire alarm in our apartment went off. What with all the fire incidents that have been going recently, we had to rush out with our essentials (phone, wallet and a jacket) and were waiting and wondering what caused it. Looks like someone smashed the fire alarm box on a floor below us. Thankfully, the fire engines (almost 4 of them) arrived within 5 minutes and checked all the floors and ensured us that nothing was amiss and let us in. We were outside standing in the freezing cold for almost 15 minutes until all was sorted. If only I could get hold of that person who did that. Wonder why they did it. Some thought that it was a prank by some drunk person. It was just 7 pm for god’s sake. I guess we should be happy that it wasn’t 2 am or such. I would be happy to not to hear those alarms for a long time now.

Wakey wakey

I am one of those people who has three alarms to get up.  I have one at 6 am, 6.30 am and the last one at 7 am. And all those are configured only for weekdays. Weekends, I get up when I care to wake up 😉

I wasn’t always like this. I used to be an early bird when it was the only way to get hot water in a ladies hostel and of course when I was studying. One of my colleagues used to ask me to take time management classes because I used to go to office by 8.30 am and be back to the hostel at 5.30 pm and get all my work done on time too. No working on weekends either. And then life changed. I changed. I wasn’t in hostels anymore. And most importantly, I got older and wiser to make use of the work from home option 😛 and my colleague keeps pointing that out every chance he gets.

It was funny to see this video with some tips to wake up at 5 am. I have no clue why it was in my recommended list anyway.

Because nowadays, I don’t need any of these. Irrespective of the three alarms I still have on my phone, I wake up early (not necessarily get up from the bed, though) because I have got a husband who is an early riser. He is wide awake at 5.00 am and since I am a very light sleeper I know when he starts listening to his radio by 5.15 am. His early waking habit does come in handy when I have to be somewhere by 8 am or so. I don’t have to get up earlier than 6 am to switch on the water heater 😉 All is ready for me by that time. I don’t have a thing to complain and don’t need any tips either, but thanks anyways, YouTube 🙂