K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge:Stone

A heart of stone is a sculpture? – Charles de Leusse

We, Indians, love our stones and sculptures and if we could make a sculpture and a huge one at that from a single stone, nothing like it. There are so many examples of such monolithic stone based sculptures available in vast varieties and quantities throughout the Southern region (I can only talk about places I have been. I haven’t traveled much to the Northern parts, so can’t say for sure). Here is one such Monolithic Bull at Lepakshi.

Added some effects using DPP to warmify and then change the color temperature too.
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Le Pakshi

It was a ladies day out and we went on a drive to a place called Lepakshi
Got some HDR shots done from the place.

The linga surrrounded by naga inside the LePakshi temple


The nandi statue before the temple (its almost a few metres before the entrance of the temple)lepakshi4

The hanging pillar in the temple. You can see the gap very clearly.lepakshi5

Another view of the outer praharam of the temple.lepakshi2