My welcome to my new home was as warm, fresh and beautiful as this bunch of flowers 🙂

And on Sunday, we also caught a glimpse of Angels flying around the Oxford Street.

More to follow. I am still unpacking and setting things up, but managed to go out and capture some lovely moments. More than anything, I am yet to adjust to the early darkness. I never got around seeing the bright light at 9 pm during the summer in London and now the darkness before it turned 4 pm is also not so easy to accept. I associate darkness with sleep. And light with wake up time (not that it is mandatory). So I have been sleeping for the most part of the last two days 😉

Will be back to the usual groove shortly. Catch you all soon 😉



Friendship is essentially a partnership.” – Aristotle

I got this wall sticker delivered today and was so happy to paste it in my dining area. Aren’t they cute ❤

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

This year I wanted to get an Angel Decorative piece for my friend’s Christmas Tree and when I  was searching for it, I found this Angel Bells made of nickel plated silvertone which was so beautiful to look at , just by the pictures and I wanted one for myself too. It was quite cheap and very affordable and I got a pair for a good price. So happy 🙂

And as usual I played around with it and the light effects. Here are some.

This one I took with my phone and stylized it with Pixlr to get this effect. The only issue was that to get this effect I had to hold a torch above it to get the Halo effect and you could literally see the reflection in the face of the angel. Could have edited it, but I like my flaws. I don’t want it to be too perfect too.


Here comes my favorite candle light play. As usual, I wanted to get the silhouette effect of the piece which I achieved by placing the candle behind the item and stylized the final image a bit to get this photograph. So far this is my favorite picture.


And finally, another play with the camera where I place the candle in the front and the item on an elevated level to cast a shadow which is on a plane slight higher than the item. And I did soften the image a bit to get a serene effect. Not sure if I achieved it, but still.


I will definitely take a shot of the angel on the top of the Christmas tree (or wherever it fits in) and update you about it, but for now, what do you think of the images? Which is your favorite?