The girl who reads too much


Got this in ANTS store when we had been for the Sunday breakfast. I couldn’t resist it. I always had a weakness for these kind of  arts and crafts and this one reminded of myself. How I always seem to be in this position having either my book or my iPad with me and always having something to read. I did try a lot to not give in to temptation. But it is such a lovely piece and it would really have been a sad day if I had let it go, no ?  The only problem is I don’t have space in my home to keep this as a show piece. For now, it secured a place at my office table.

The Ants Cafe

This week’s Sunday brunch was in ‘The Ants Cafe & Store’ in Indiranagar. This is a place where they have a store in the ground floor which has the arts and crafts related to the north eastern part of India and the cafe in the first floor. The food was good. I had a potato blast (the veg breakfast combo, the other one was with mushrooms which I don’t prefer) which was good and very filling. The seats were all in the form of the small chairs (bamboo) or square stool type like in the other photograph. It wasn’t convenient to sit for a very long time though. They had a small room which had the proper chairs but was already full. The only problem was that the orders took too long to arrive and we were too hungry. Other than that, it was a relaxed late breakfast , as usual. It is a medium priced place.

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