Returning Thanks

No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks. – James Allen

OM aka Jason (I don’t know why but I have never been able to call him Jason ever since he announced his real name) is moving to a new place in the blogosphere. I think it is my duty (as the quote above says) to return my Thanks to him for all the ways he has helped me with blogging. Its been three years and even though I have already said this before in some older posts I would like to say this again that he is the first person ever who made me feel comfortable to actually open up and speak to other bloggers through comments.

I was quite shy when I joined WordPress. I had a blog in blogspot  (the blog is still active but no action takes place there)  but I wanted a better blogging space hence, I moved to WordPress. I was my quiet self, observing and checking blogs and enjoying the blogosphere in my own silent way. I am never a conversation starter. It always was the other person’s work.  But that changed a bit when I started following OM. I felt comfortable to voice what I think, even though it may be something quirky, something unimportant or just a plain smile. If you have been following him, you would know that he does write posts on how to blog without fear. Well, something must have rubbed off on me, because I started slowly and steadily to check out more blogs, comment on them and even interact. I also made some friends online. Go figure!

Then he started a project called Project O (O for Opinion). I was very hesitant, but then he gave me the courage to join it. It was a real fun experience to be able to interact with bloggers from so many different places and their views on various questions related to opinion. It also gave me boost not only in terms of personal encouragement to be more active with my blogging, but also a lot of followers. I also found a lot of fellow minded people whom I still follow, even though a couple of them blog no more.

I have also had the pleasure of being his Guest Blogger a couple of times and they were fun too. It is quite intimidating for me to be able to post something for such a big audience. But since I use images rather than words, I know my poor grammar skills wont be noticed 😉 I know that he is one of those bloggers who blogs not only for fun but they also build a platform, a community and encourage others in the process. I know that he is an inspiration to a lot.

His work of building the platform that he has now with his blog might look like an easy walk, but it was quite an hike. There were some skids and falls but as the quote goes ‘It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.’ he has always got up, got up pretty fast and kept treading on.

Moving to a new place isn’t all easy and nice, even though it is quite exciting. I wish him all the luck with his efforts and hope that it works out well for him and the transition goes smoothly. I will still be following him in his new domain but I wanted to make sure I don’t forget to let him know how much his personal efforts to build such a comfortable space in the big world of blogs has made a lasting impact on one of the bloggers and how grateful I am for those efforts.

Thank you OM 🙂 and God Bless You!

Reactions to my tattoo

I have been here at my parent’s place for a week and a half now (because of my mom, who broke her leg last week and then a small part of her spine bone this week). My nieces saw my tattoo for the first time and the reactions were very amusing 🙂 First it was “Wooowww!!!”, next came “Oh my God! I am afraid to touch it, its gonna bite me” and then it was “is it still there? Can I touch it? “.

Their teachers always draw a ‘star’ on their palm if they did good at school for some classes. And that goes away once they wash it off every day and the next day they look forward to getting another star which they come and show with so much pride. So they thought that this tattoo was also like a star and became a little too enthused about it. My first niece got into her head that I have been drawing it in my skin daily (because she found it shiny , and it was because I had just applied Vaseline on it thanks to the weather which is too dry) and took it upon her to rub it off my skin. She rubbed it for sometime and once the Vaseline was coming off, she thought she succeeded too, then lo behold, it was still there. She then thought for a while and asked if I had applied any cream. When I laughed and said yes, she was sort of relieved as well as disappointed 😆 And then everyday they would ask me to show my tattoo. Yesterday my second niece decided it was time to tell her daddy (my brother, to whom I hadn’t updated about my new tattoo wondering what his reaction would be) about it and his reaction was totally anticlimatic. I was expecting a big sigh, a lecture etc etc… but then he did a 180 and said that he also wanted to do some on both his biceps once they get a little more defined (thanks to his gymming which is becoming quite an obsession with him now) To say that I was shocked was an understatement. My family did not react the way I expected them to with respect to my tattoo. My mom just shook her head and went back to her work. Something is clearly wrong! 😯



I wrote this post but figured that this would fit this weeks SoCS well and after a long week and a journey, I am taking an easy way out too 🙂

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