Let’s dechox this March

I was planning on writing about some movies and tv shows, even post some photos of my visit to a museum a while ago. But I think this one takes precedence.


Sounds utterly horrible and undoable isn’t? That is precisely the reason, Mr. M and I have decided to give it a go. I am trying to rope in my friends too.

I have had whole two months of hot chocolate on a daily basis (can you even imagine??!!) just to handle the confusing and chilling weather. But these days there is some Sun and some heat (in this country, sunny doesn’t mean warm…sometimes I think the Sun is just for show) so it would be an ideal time to cut down on it if I can manage that. More info on this can be found here. Let me know if you will be joining us for some dechox 😉 And I sincerely hope I don’t compensate for it the next month 😀

Odorless World

I saw an online article which resonated with me.  The visuals are stunning in this. It is called “Odorless world: what smell means to those who don’t have it ” I do remember having a sense of smell when I was young. But I don’t remember when I lost it or why. I can smell but very very few things and very feebly. There was once a gas leak in my apartment but thankfully my maid was there at that moment and she found it. Also, she would tell me if she was working at the time if the food was overcooked and was about to be burnt. I can never tell. I do get a little whiff of my lavender oil which I use for aromatherapy. And the petrol smell when we are the gas station. Other than that…not much. It is a good thing especially when you are in a crowded lift or if one passes gas next to you. It is a bad thing during cooking mostly. But do I mind about it now? No. I am used to it. I don’t care about it. Will it be good to have it back? If it happens on its own, yes. I ain’t going to get any surgery or treatment done for that.


What would you say?

Anyone knows the answer to this? Wanna give it a try and see if you are able to find the answer? 😉


Wald in …what ???

I was going through this article called ‘Eleven Untranslatable Words‘ and found the following very interesting among the list.

Ilunga (Tshiluba) ‘A person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time, to tolerate it a second time, but never a third time’

I am this person. And there is a name for this behavior…Wow!!!

Fernweh (German) ‘Feeling homesick for a place you have never been to’

How can you even feel homesick for a place you have never been to ? But I did. I felt that way with Venice and Kailash Manasarovar in particular. Don’t ask me why, but there it was. And when I finally landed in Venice for a couple of days as part of my European tour, I was so happy and I literally cried the day we were heading back. Because I finally saw a place I felt so close to my heart. Do you have a place like that ?

Prozvonit (Czech) ‘To call a mobile phone only to have it ring once so that the other person would call back, allowing the caller not to spend money on minutes’

My brother used to do it earlier. I wish I had known about this name long ago, so that I could have called him that and he would have assumed that I was swearing at him 😉

Komorebi (Japanese) ‘The sort of scattered, dappled light effect that happens when sunlight shines in through trees’

They have name for this effect ? Cool. I have always loved that effect in nature. 

Waldeinsamkeit (German) ‘The feeling of being alone in the woods’

 Trust me, this is how I am feeling right now, but how do you even pronounce it 😦