Birmingham in 10

At Victoria Square, but used for Council House
Guess he wasn’t happy with all the visitors to the BullRing
A lazy trip in a boat along the canal is a good way to de-stress. Been there, done that and forgot the T-Shirt
You can choose which way you wanna let your boat take you
Old and Mossy but still Majestic
Looks like a kid’s building block plaything but does stand out among the modern 
A Gem is hidden among the rubble’s of concrete and cement for new buildings
Only if all the other libraries looked this fancy, heh!
What better way to see a National Sea Life Museum but from the waterways 😉 (during our rainy boat trip)
When in Birmingham, think of Rome.

Disaster Memorial

Our final stop in Ireland was at an Air India Disaster Memorial at Ahakista. The flight from Montreal to Delhi via London was blown up in the Irish space in 1985. There is a beautiful park created in memorial of those 329 people who died. It was suggested to us by a local so we decided to drive down. It was around 40 mins drive from Dunmanway and a very small and beautiful coastal place. People from India, especially the relatives of those who died still come here to pay their homages, it seems and the people in Ahakista put them up in their homes during their stay. What a nice gesture.1-IMG_36001-IMG_36021-IMG_36091-IMG_36301-IMG_3634



Our next stop was Cliffs of Moher, another three hours journey (along with a ferry ride in between 😉 ). The weather became typically Irish, according to my friend-cum-guide. It was a “soft day” (that means it was drizzling all the time and was very cloudy) I was covered in almost 4 layers of clothes and changing from wide angle lens to telephoto in that weather was no fun. But it was a very lovely place and next time would definitely do that walk over the cliffs, if and when there is a next time.