In flight entertainment

Another thing that I love during my flights (other than the obvious ‘flying’ experience) is the In Flight Entertainment. I love how we get to watch all those new movies (obviously the cost of it might have been included in the ticket price). So during my onward journey to Madrid with a one hour break in Dubai, it was almost a 10-12 hrs journey. And yet I continued to watch quite some movies , in spite of me being tired (had to get up too early) and had vowed (to myself) that I will take that nap in the plane. So here they are

a) Frozen:

One movie that I wanted to watch for sometime now. I love Disney movies or rather animations, especially if it involves magic, fairies, princes, princesses …blah blah get it 😉 The good part of this is that its about two sisters. More than a romance (which is there in small parts) its about how two sisters find their way back to each other. I am not going into the story because most of them would have seen this movie by now. Even though it had that usual cliched villain it was still good to watch them sing all through the movie. Especially the ‘Let it go’ . If you are an elder sister and you are pushed with responsibilities then it might make a little more personal contact to you, that song 🙂 It sort of felt a little long but it was fun to watch too. So yeah, am glad that I got to watch that movie during my first leg of the journey. 

b) Rush:

One movie which was suggested to me but I missed it last year was Rush. Thank God, they had it in the in-flight list. I was so glad to start with it once my animation craving had been satisfied. Now I get to feel the adrenaline rush of car racing. I am not a very avid fan of racing and I don’t follow it also but I love driving or rather fast driving (not rash). I always have this rush in me when I am in a car (irrespective of who is driving) and suddenly all these scenes outside the window goes vroom vroom vroom. OK, I am digressing here. But this movie is not only about that, its about two people involved in it. Surprisingly there is no protagonist and an antagonist. Its the biography of two formula one drivers who are neither enemies nor friends. Its such a different and strange relationship they have. They seem to gain motivation from each other and give it in return too, along with respect for each other. It was a such a different story that I started recommending it to my other friends to definitely watch it. Its so worth it. Now I understand the surprise of other people who suggested this movie about why it did not get nominated for Oscars ? That is too sad. It was such a good movie in all aspects. The actors were too good, the screenplay was neat. Its sad that some good movies get missed like this. But definitely a very worthy watch.

c) Austenland

Since I was done with my adventure, I switched to Romance and I chose Austenland. How many movies have been actually made on Mr Darcy and Austen by the way ? I keep stumbling upon them one too many times. Some day it is going to put me off Darcy I think. I like  Mr Darcy (the character actually) myself, but not to the extent of being crazy or anything. But here is this girl who sort of lives in a fantasy land thinking of all things Jane Austen. So her sister is hell bent on making her take the trip to Austenland , a land where you get to feel the era of Austen and her characters. But sometimes somethings are better left in dream and fantasy. They may not have the same appeal in real life. That is what happens in this movie too. She sort of hovers between real and reel and suddenly when the lines start blurring and is confused as to whom she is actually attracted to and why and if they were doing their role or if they were really into her, she runs back to real life and to her sanity, only to find that some things from the reel life followed her to make it real for her. Yeah yeah, it happens only in novels (from where the movie was adapted) and in movies and although it was very cliched and worn out line, it did make for a HEA (happy ever after) ending 😉 Not a great movie per se, but if you want to relax a while it will do. 

During my return journey, I had a book to finish so I forgot all about the movies and concentrated on my book and missed out on some which I could have seen. But just like my blog name, for me books always come before the movies 😀