Movies of the week

Finding Dory

It did not have the same charm as Finding Nemo. With the kind of promotion that went into it I thought it would be better than that. And I was never once emotional in that whole movie. It sure did have a message and all. But something that would connect me to Dory was missing. It also felt like the movie went too fast. Of course, as fishes they would move fast, but still, it felt very hurried. The kids might enjoy it.

Independence Day – Resurrgence

I had vowed that I wouldn’t go to this movie when I saw the trailer last year sometime. But since it was a team event and everyone voted for this one (I voted for Tarzan 😦 ) my option was ruled out. It was on IMAX 3D. I did not have any expectation and I went with the sole purpose of making fun of the scenes and having fun. Inspite of me not being a fan of Liam Hemsworth (I loved Chris Hemsworth in the short clip which was part of the trailer of Ghostbusters) I was the only one in the theater who was clapping when he came up on screen. And that wasn’t even a grand entrance. 🙄 I liked the other guy, who was with him, but he looked way too young. If you don’t use logic or any other part of your brain other than the one associated with sight and sound then you would be OK with it. CGI were cool. Why do we have ugly aliens all the time? Why can aliens be cute and good looking? And I seriously hope that they don’t take any more sequels. I am not sure if Earth is ready for it, but I am pretty sure the audience wouldn’t be. No wonder Finding Dory was more popular in box office than this movie.

A-Z Book List: V for Vision

This author’s books are one that are available in abundance. They all belong to Romance and in some cases romantic suspense even. I have with me lots of her books but haven’t read them all. I used to when I was using my IPad earlier. But with Kindle Unlimited, I somehow have ventured towards Mystery, Thrillers, and Crime again with very less of Romance in between. They are always an HEA (Happy Ever After) books with a feel good tone to it. Almost like your Harlequin books.

Over to the book now. Name:

Name: Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance, Adult Fiction, Fiction

This is the first book in the Bride Quartet series and yes, as the name suggests there are four books in this series. They all belong to four female friends and how they end up meeting the love of their lives. It was definitely a very quick read. And I read the whole series to get my mind off the work and the stress that comes with it. I don’t really have to think too much about these stories. The romance is always very sweet. Sometimes too sweet to digest too. But hey, that is what I look for when I pick up these books. So it wasn’t a complaint. Just stating the facts. I am not a big fan of Nora Roberts (not that she needs any more fans that she already has) but I pick up her books when I don’t have anything else available and I really really need read a book to relax. I would always pick a book over watching the TV. I gave all the series 3 stars because well, I wasn’t sure how to give 2.5 in Goodreads, so went with 3.


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I know I will be away today, but didn’t want to miss this post, so had this written yesterday night and scheduled for today. 

SoCS: On an average

  1.  As I had already mentioned, I am currently reading A Song Of Ice and Fire Series (aka Game of Thrones Series) by George R R Martin. Currently I am on my 2nd book ‘The Clash of Kings’ and have completed almost 60% of it (at least according to the Kindle app if I load the book separately) but I am seeing no end to it, because my friends gifted me a 5-in-1 e-book and that takes an awful lot of time to add that 1% in my Kindle 😦 and this is in-spite of me doing an average of 100 page a day.    Do you think, if I ask, my manager will allow me a sabbatical to complete this series ?
  2. I always wanted to be a little taller than I am now and my friend’s tell me that I am a little greedy there because I am quite well above the average height of women in India. I thought they were just bluffing but seems like I am, according to this data . I am little above 5 ft 5 in. But still I wish I was 5 ft 8 in. I will almost be that close to my brother’s height (I hate that he grew up to 6 ft when he was the tiniest one in the family till my under-graduation and I had thought I was invincible!)
  3. Do you believe in the The Law of Averages . Sadly, I do. I don’t think I should be gambling at all (not that I like it), unless I have to win a bet to lose money that is.
  4. Do you know that when we say the word average we always, almost always mean ‘arithmetic mean’. But even median and mode are forms of averages, a fact which statisticians and finance people tend to take advantage of sometimes (or rather most of the times).
  5. On an average, how many blogs/posts do you read per day ? I read an average of 25 posts on a weekday and that doubles up during the weekends if I am at home.    

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “average.” Use it as your theme or try to stick the word in somewhere. It’s up to you. Have at it!

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