Fun at ABC

Had been to Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) for a Sunday Lunch with friends.


Am not a beer person, but the different kinds of beer that were available there were nice.IMG_6852

Toasting for a friend


Had a bottoms up competition with a friend and I chose an Irish Stout for that. He choose two Bangalore Bliss beers to my one Irish Stout. I did win the second round 😉 (Never choose an Irish Stout for any competition…too bitter to push it down that fast.. I was glad that I didn’t snort it back out)


First time playing Foosball and even though didn’t win but still had way too much fun. Never thought I had a violent streak in me


And nope, this doesn’t represent me in any way 🙂 Thought it was a very nice picture there.IMG_6835