Another play area

Another place for the kids to play for a while. It is in a mall and costs around Rs150 per hour on a weekend and Rs100 on a weekday. I am really running out of places to take them and they want new places everyday to play 🙄





Feeling hot hot hot!!!

I have been lagging behind on last week’s SoCS posts. I might complete checking them out this weekend since my niece went back home with her dad. I am a little sad, because suddenly the house feels so empty, but they all (siblings and their families) will be here next week for their week long vacation. So I am holding on to that.

In the mean time, lets talk about some no.’s especially of the ones that are associated with heat. Bangalore has always been known for its pleasant weather. But me thinks that this has changed in the recent times. I have been here for more than a decade and the climate has been getting worse every year. Thanks to pollution, population and various other factors. But this year it topped the charts. It used to be a little better at nights during summers and the only two months I would need the fan were April and May. But now I had to resort to buying an air cooler because I am sweating at nights. It is 38 going on 42 degrees during the day and god knows what late twentys or early thirties temperature at nights. If Bangalore is facing this problem, then we can only imagine what the situation is in places like Chennai, Hyderabad etc. I know that Coimbatore is blazing. The Indian Meteorological Deparment has issued Extreme Heat warning.

Here is an excerpt from their website (that opens a PPT).

The next 15 days forecast indicates that

  • Day maximum temperatures (Tmax) are likely to be above normal over parts of eastern states (East Uttar Pradesh (UP), Bihar, Gangetic West Bengal, Odisha) and peninsular India during 12th -16th April 2016 with probable development of heat wave conditions over isolated region of East UP, South Interior Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Rayalaseema).
  • The Tmax are likely to be above normal over most parts of India during 17th -21st April, 2016 except western coastal regions, Gujarat, western Madhya Pradesh and north-eastern states with probable heat wave over parts of northwest & central India (comprising Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, east UP, Jharkhanad, Odisha, GWB) and parts of southern peninsula (comprising Telengana and Rayalaseema).
  • During the period 22nd -26th April Tmax will be warmer than normal mainly over eastern coastal states of India and over the region of Vidarbha, parts of Telangana, Marathwada and Rayalseema) with remaining parts of India will be near normal Tmax.
  • Most parts of India are likely to experience warmer than normal night temperatures during 12th -21st April, 2016 outside the northwestern parts (Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir) which is likely to remain near normal during 12th -21st April.

Even though Karnataka is out of the radar for today (according to the bulletin), I am not very sure. It sure feels like the oven.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “no.” Try to think of a specific number, as “no.” is often used as an abbreviation for “number,” and write about it. Or, use it as a word. Have fun!


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What is your favorite place?

Which is your favorite dinnertime place?

A Cozy well lit restaurant by the riverside?

1-IMG_0751.jpgOr a busy eat street?


or cooking munchies at home?



Today was a busy day. I took my niece to a newly opened Girias Children’s Explorium here in Bangalore. The name sounds like the movie title Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, a movie I love. It had a combination of science and fun.  Definitely not as big as the Exploratorium I visited in SFO. But still pretty impressive given the limited space. This was sort of a test run for when my other niece and nephew arrive here in a week. My niece loved this place and was reluctant to leave even after 2 hours. I was the one who was tired even though I didn’t do anything except take photographs and keep an eye on her. 1-IMG_30241-IMG_29641-IMG_30071-IMG_30431-IMG_28931-IMG_29061-IMG_29221-IMG_2952

What’s cooking?

Fancy some South Indian set dosa or a masala dosa?

PS: Taken at Bangalore’s Eat Street and posted for Sylvain’s theme of the week: Cook