Most of my selfies are in silhouette’s. I have already posted a couple of them 🙂 So for this week’s theme from Sylvain, I went through my photographs from Spain, because I remembered some silhouette from there . This one is from Montserrat. It was in a small room next to the place we see and worship the Virgin of Montserrat. The only reason I took this photograph was because of the two colored windows in the background which sort of gave a different feeling to the statue in the front.

WPC: Dance

Dance, when you’re broken open.

Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.


Dance in the middle of the fighting


Dance in your blood.


Dance when you’re perfectly free.



Narrow Streets

When we had been to Spain last year, we went to this place called Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. Since we had been to other places in Spain and Barcelona being our last stop, I couldn’t really appreciate this place much because we had seen the narrow streets and cobbled pathways in real and hence this replica didn’t hold much of my attention. But if you couldn’t spend time going through various parts of Spain, this place would definitely tell you about the various architectures and styles of the country.

Posted for this week’s prompt from Sylvain: Narrow.

WPC: Creepy


Isn’t this fellow creepy enough? (Taken in Hyderabad Zoo)

Or what about this fella? (Taken in Wax Museum in Barcelona)

Atleast this one ? (Taken in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, It was a clothes shop)

AWAW: Mural

Here are some mural’s I came across in Spain