Wordless Wednesday


Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse is one place that got planned every single time I was in US but never got around to visit until this time and when I was there on a weekday afternoon on my own, I got around to catch a couple of whales. Yay!!! It was a total surprise. After that, I went again with my friends but we weren’t that lucky but caught some seals lazing around. Loved the place. I have a special love for the light houses. More of them coming up.

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Half Moon Bay – El Granada , Pillar Point

I have always loved the Half Moon Bay in California. So many beaches , small towns and light houses in between. This time, my first trip, once I got my rental, was to the Surfer’s beach (also called as El Granada Beach) along with the Pillar Point Harbor next to it. There weren’t as many surfer’s as I would have liked and the wind and tides weren’t in favor too. But that did not stop me from enjoying a very quiet time at the beach watching kids and the dogs play. Some kids were trying so hard to try to be on the surf board. It was a pity that the day wasn’t that conducive.

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Bay, Bridge & Fudge

This is the first time I have had this bad a jet lag after a 19 hour flight. I am prone to withdrawals after the vacation comes to an end, but severe jet lag? I wonder what brought that on! I am yet to catch up on blog posts, but in the mean time here are my first set of photographs taken during my visit to SFO especially Golden Gate Bridge (again) and Ghirardelli Square.

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