Wordless Wednesday


SL-Week: Transparency

In Fort Bragg, there is a place called Glass Beach. It was quite amazing to see how transparent some of these sea glasses were. They are slowly diminishing in number, but it was a surprise to know that they were basically formed because of garbage being dumped. Next time you are somewhere close by, don’t forget to stop by and collect a couple of sea glass home 🙂



After a fun filled vacation and lots and lots of tanning (can’t really make it out what with my skin already very wheatish in color) I am not really very happy to be back 😦 because who would want to be back from a fun vacation and get back to the normal grind of life right ? But then as Rumi said ‘Travel brings power and love back to your life’ and it did. I have to be back to work on my next vacation and to prepare for my next adventure 🙂 So here I am!
Will catch up with the posts sooner, once I get over my travel lag. See you all soon with lots of photographs and stories.

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday