Another year, Another Beer Bottle Tree

Last year was the first time I saw this unique Christmas Tree, made of beer bottles. You can check out the post here. So this year, I went looking for it, to see if they did uphold that tradition.Ā Sure, they have. Except that the brand of the beer bottles got changed this year, is all. And this year, I got a picture of the tree with three stars close to it. It was as if the stars were leading us to the tree šŸ˜‰


One liner Wednesday


It’s been a while since I posted anything for one-liner wednesday. Taken in Legian Street in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. Placed outside a pub which sold only beers. Cold isn’t šŸ˜‰

Fun at ABC

Had been to Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) for a Sunday Lunch with friends.


Am not a beer person, but the different kinds of beer that were available thereĀ were nice.IMG_6852

Toasting for a friend


Had a bottoms up competition with a friend and I chose an Irish Stout for that. He choose two Bangalore Bliss beers to my one Irish Stout. I did win the second round šŸ˜‰ (Never choose an Irish Stout for any competition…too bitter to push it down that fast.. I was glad that I didn’t snort it back out)


First time playing Foosball and even though didn’t win butĀ still had way too much fun. Never thought I had a violent streak in me


And nope, this doesn’t represent me in any way šŸ™‚ Thought it was a very nice picture there.IMG_6835

This tree was made of…

When I was coming from my gym one night, I saw this tree near a Bar + Grill place. My first thought was ‘What the heck is that?’ and then on a closer look realized those were the empty beer bottles used to create a Tree and I couldn’t stop taking a photograph of it. And my friend informed that this was like a ‘tradition’ during Christmas time for that place to put up a tree like this.
People do surprise me with all their inventive ideas, that is for sure.



Every time I come across this product either in the medical shop or in the cosmetics aisle in the super market, I used to pick it up, turn it around, check it and then keep it back and move on. Ever since I laid eyes upon it I have been curious to find out theĀ difference of using it when compared to the normal ones. But I wasn’t very sure about buying one to try it. What if I don’t like it ? Don’t want wasting my money on it. I don’t stick to a particular brand or anything. Mild and less costlier will do for me. But a shampoo with beer ? Did I tell you I am a bit curious by nature? So imagine my glee (or surprise) when I found out that I could try it inĀ at my parent’s place (courtesy: my brother) for free and then decide. I don’t have a very sharp nasal function going on. Thanks to my sinus and other nasal allergies, I can’t smell well. Unless it is very strong (odor or fragrance) I can’t smell it. That is why I can’t figure out if a person is too drunk (unless the person slurs or sways) or if the gas is leaking (which is a little worrisome) and I can’t decide if a food is good or not byĀ the way it smells. So imagine my surprise, when I used this I sort of gagged because ofĀ theĀ strong smell of beer. I know how the beer smells because even though I am not a beer drinking person, I have friends who drink it and I remember the way a particularĀ snack bar smelled of it because they had a special beer they brewed in that place. I just couldn’t bear the overwhelming smell of beer especially in my hair. I know there is always this controversy about if the hair has a natural fragranceĀ or not.Ā Ā But even if my hair doesn’t have a natural fragrance to it, I don’t want to have a odor associated with beer or any other thing as such to it. Gee, the whole bathroom reeked of it. Yikes! For a second, I thought I would black out. It was that worse. But I should also probably tell you that my hair did feelĀ nice after a day. It was bouncy when compared to the effect of other shampoos I have used. But will I buy it ? Sorry, No. Can’t keep gagging every time I use the shampoo now can I ?