A-Z Book List: B for Bella

I know, I know. If you are a person who reads a lot of books or watches movies, you know who Bella is. If you don’t, well….don’t bother unless you like some paranormal romance. Even then, just don’t go and watch the damn movie of that series.

After all that I am yet to say the name of the book….

Name: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Young Adult, Teen

And yes, I do have the whole series in paperback with me. This was my first (and if I remember correctly, my only) paranormal romance. So obviously, I was so enthralled and enamored by Vampires, Werewolves etc. The only character which got on my nerves was Bella. Edward of my imagination was way better than the one portrayed in movies (This post will end up being a rant if I start on that…so totally avoiding the movie adaptation part…in short…The movies of this book series sucks!) My friends keep making fun that Edward is a pedophile! And everytime they bring that up, my friends and I have a small fight. They can’t go spoiling my imagination with lines like that now, can they? But as much interesting and enthralling the first book was, once the series got into the depth of it, it became the usual ‘when will this finish’ feeling. It was still exciting  because this is the book where she decides if she wanted to go to the dark side or not (remember Vampire Diaries?) and the consequences of the same, she had to endure. The book was much bigger than the rest and even though that was sort of putting me off, I still had to complete the series. Can’t leave it just like that without reaching the completion now, can I? Also recently, when I told one girl in my gym that I like Twilight to some extent, she appreciated me saying that it took courage to accept that out loud… Seriously? It isn’t that bad. There are much trashier stories and books. And since I haven’t read any other paranormal romance, I don’t have anything to compare either. And after all, it is for Young Adult. All that hormones and pheromones and such stuff along with some fancy vampire and daring werewolf will cause our brains cells to scatter hither thither, at least a little bit 😉

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