This week, Sylvain’s theme is DoF (Depth of Field)
It is always fun to play with this because of the various possibilities of images that you can achieve. Here is two of them.
First one was taken in Belur and the second in a Coffee Plantation in Bali.

This one I took to see how the image would be if it starts to fade as and when it goes towards the left, like converging of the elements.

And this one was mostly for getting the right half of the face in a close up along with the moss and stuff. 1-IMG_0788

WPC: Ornate

Each of the sculptures in Belur is very ornately decorated. Not a inch left on them 🙂 Don’t you think so?
This person plays the part of Raavan from Ramayan. Raavan was the King of Lanka, for sure, but even for a play I thought all the characters were dressed a little ornately (not the singers of Kechak, the main characters, I mean)

auf Wiedersehen

What a coincidence, that this week’s Sylvain Landry’s theme should be about Memories. I was wondering what to do for a friend who is leaving us and this country for better opportunities and here is a chance. We friends started travelling together a couple of years ago, but he joined us in our travels since this year. So far he has been to 2 trips and four places with us which includes a local and a foreign trip and I sincerely hope that he enjoyed travelling with this crazy bunch, not to mention we enjoyed his craziness too (which is equivalent to sum of the rest of ours 😛 )

I don’t think he will appreciate me writing some nice words and all, so I will skip all that and not embarrass him. But dear Logan (original name changed and this name is used as a result of an inside joke) here is a collage in memory of all the places we have been to. I made sure to add that particular sunset in Tanah Lot you wanted me to capture. And hope that you join us in the future travels too.
PS: Places in clock wise direction: Chikmagalur, Belur, Bali, AngkorWat

Wishing you all the good luck in your future endeavors and wishing you some exciting experiences. May your life get more crazier and more happier.

I wanted to end it with this 😉

Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say ‘Are you going to drink that?

Wordless Wednesday



For this week’s word photography challenge : Intricate

Intricate designs found in the sculptures in Belur’s Chennakesava Temple