The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch playing Alan Turing – What is not there to watch ? So yes, obviously I went for that movie ‘The Imitation Game‘ as this week’s Saturday entertainment. When the movie started, and Benedict is shown sitting in that chair, I became a little bit too enthusiastic and clapped and whooped, much to the embarrassment of my friend and eventually myself, because I was the only one who did that 😳 But then that was just for a sec. Dumb audience I say. It is based on a true story, story about Alan Turing and how he and his fellow mathematicians helped during the World War by breaking the code for Enigma and later the same nation punished him for being gay, which they say eventually led to his death (either by suicide or the impact of the treatments they gave him according to the credits). The movie’s greatest plus according to me was the dialogues. They were so humorous and fun and also very deep in most places.  All the actors have done an amazing job, but Benedict truly makes you feel, makes you laugh with his one-liners, makes your heart beat a little faster when he is almost close to the solution, almost makes you cry when he suffering the after effects of his medication to cure his homosexuality etc. But I think the kid who played the young Alan Turing also did a wonderful job, especially in the scene where the headmaster talks to him about Christopher. That kid with the stoic face was amazing. The movie isn’t linear. It goes back and forth between his childhood, his time during the war and his current state where he is arrested for his sexuality. I just loved the movie. If not for anything or anyone, watch it for the amazing performance by Benedict and the wonderful dialogues.

Who says a penguin can’t fly?

On Saturday, again as an impromptu decision, we decided (the same group that went for Hunger Games) to watch Penguins of Madagascar 3D (looks like we did have a lot of time in our hands this week 😉 ) and since it was only available in IMAX we didn’t have a choice, even though I was skeptical about watching this movie. It was slick watching in IMAX and that too in 3D (even though I am not fond of it). It sure was fun right from the start from where the penguins have no idea where they are marching too and yet they are all marching towards something and these three penguins (skipper, kowalski and rico) go against nature to rescue that egg that swishes past them. That is when they find what they are actually capable of and once they see the cute penguin that hatches from that egg, named Private, they form a team to take on the world. And boy! aren’t they excited about it 😉 I liked how they made fun of the documentaries made on the penguins , real nice touch.

I ain’t going into the story here. So no spoiler alert. The dialogues were sometimes so funny and sometimes so atrocious. Who writes some thing like ‘Nicholas! Cage them’ or ‘Halle! Bury them’ or even ‘Drew, Barry, more power!’ and something related to Hugh Jackman!!! (just leave him alone, I say) Come on!!! they weren’t funny. Seriously. Kids ain’t going to understand that and it wasn’t funny to me. But the cynical answers from Kowalski are really something 🙂 and we had no choice other than to look at our friend who says exactly those kind of lines, too cynical and too straightforward, and he was so happy that he wasn’t alone!!! But except for those crappy lines, it was real fun. Especially when they land in Shanghai and Skipper mistakes the place for Dublin and starts the riverdance…OMG…That was hilarious. And then comes our famous ‘North Wind’ group giving opportunity for dialogues like ‘No one breaks The Wind’ 😀 The power struggle between Agent Classified (our famous Benedict Cumberbatch , yay!!!. I found his pronunciation of the word penguins was a little off..what do you think?) and Skipper and how they want to capture the Dave, the octopus, until there comes a time when Skipper decides what is important than his pride and command and gives the control to Classified only to do something that ‘they will be taking to their graves’. Private is a penguin with a load of cuteness that comes in handy at the end when it is time to save the penguins of the world and he delivers when it matters and proves his worth, except for those two antlers. Don’t get up just because the credits starts rolling in, wait for some more time. There is some more coming at the half of the credits 🙂

On Sunday when I had called up home, my nieces were so excited to tell me about this Penguins of Madagascar movie they saw. My first niece couldn’t control her excitement. She almost told me the whole story, including the interval part where she had a BIG packet of popcorn too. How the octopus was the bad guy and the small penguin went and saved everyone. It was so much fun to hear her talk about it. I am so glad they enjoyed it as much as I did. Its a fun watch.


During the movie Big Hero 6, they showed the trailer of ‘Penguins of Madagascar‘.  My nieces and nephew, especially my first niece absolutely loves Penguins. Once when I showed her my photos of penguins from my trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium she was so delighted by it that she wanted me to take her there or to Antarctica (because I told her that a lot of penguins lived there) and I have promised her that I will, as soon as she is ready to board a plane (as of now, she is afraid of planes and she wants to travel everywhere by train). They are also a fan of the Pingu (she calls all penguins as pingu infact) because of the older TV show that used to come. And now because of Nickelodeon, they are aware of ‘The Penguins of Madagascar‘ too. I hope my brother takes them to this movie when it is released in my place. They are gonna love it, I know. And the effect of the recent Monty – The Penguin ad and this upcoming movie, I bought them (one for my nieces and one for my nephew) a Penguin bag for the Children’s day (Nov 14). My siblings called up to inform that the kids loved it and my nephew even promised me that he will name the pingu Monty 😉 even though he wondered why he should call the penguin anything other than penguin (a valid question of course!) and my first niece was generous enough to say that she would give it to her younger sister if she was interested to have the pingu bag for herself and that she would be happy to settle for the pink one. That was so sweet of her, because I was so worried that they are gonna start a fight for it. I am not sure if I will be joining my friends for that movie, which they are already planning but you never know. One last piece of information. Do you know that Benedict Cumberbatch is giving the voice for ‘Agent Classified’, the wolf, in this movie and that he can’t pronounce the word penguins correctly ? At least that is what this episode of Graham Norton shows tells us.

Sherlock Holmes Season 3

Okay. Finally, got to watch this series Season 3 after waiting for so long. I have already posted on how I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes, the detective and all. I have read all the books based on him and I was quite fascinated with the adaptation of the old stories in modern times through the Sherlock Holmes Season 1 & 2 . And… I like Benedict Cumberbatch. I know my friends would smirk and make fun (actually one already did , yesterday, when I was watching this and I failed to respond to the chat messages…) what can I say, I like him and your timing was very bad. But in all honesty, I should say I wasn’t that impressed with this season. It was all jumbled up and all over the places, with some highly infused melodrama and all. Not that it would stop me from watching it and I hardly watch any series other than a couple of selected ones and this is one of them. I guess this is the only season where Sherlock gets very , for the lack of better term, human and very social. He is portrayed as possibly gay and then he ends up with a girlfriend even if it was only for a short while. He gets cozy with his family. The crimes become a little too personal, which I wasn’t sure if I liked to see that. We see that in all the movies don’t we. And what is with the miracle thing. God, I hated that. I have enough miracles happening in Bollywood and Kollywood movies with the heart beat stopping and then with just the love and affection and the pleadings of the near and dear ones, it just starts again. Trust me, I so did not want to see that in Sherlock. I had tears of frustration when that happened. And all that mind palace thing. Really? Nope, sorry didn’t work for me.

There were hints of another brother (what is with that Mr Mycroft Holmes) and  Moriarty coming back (again? and that wasn’t subtle anyway). Well seems like they have already their plans for the next season chartered out. Hope the next season will be better than this. Its sort of losing its charm for me.