The first thing that popped into my head when I read the word ring……yup… All the single ladies…. by Beyonce. Now we know that Beyonce’s dance (and as is the song) is just Awesome! But I sorta like the one with the chipmunks or rather chipette’s too 🙂

Its been a while now that I have heard the tring tring of a phone, not the ringtones on our mobiles, but the ones of the old phone models, and is sort of reduced to a nursery rhyme. We do have the landlines still, but is it just an additional element that comes with the broadband offers. And is never used.

Post for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “ring.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!!

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Hot Soundtrack

I haven’t watched the movie Fifty Shades of Grey yet, and I doubt if I will, but the soundtrack is hot. Really very hot. My pick of the lot is (in the order of my liking)

  1. I Put a Spell on You – Annie Lennox – Whoa!!! Kept playing in a loop in my car today. Enough Said.

and the rest comes as 2nd

I like Crazy in Love but I like Sophia Karlberg’s version better than Beyonce’s. I feel that to be more appropriate for the movie (even though I haven’t seen it).

OK so, I almost listed all of them except for some old songs that were mixed and used and a couple of instrumentals 🙂 but hey, I liked the whole soundtrack, what can I do ?