Wordless Wednesday


Splash of Colour

“I find him in the curves of certain lines, in the loveliness and subtleties of certain colours.”
― Oscar Wilde


Birds Tweeting

During the recent Chikmaglur Trip, I managed to catch some photographs of the birds, even though there were many I couldn’t, especially the ones of the woodpecker’s and was content just watching them fly from tree to tree. It was such a pleasure to listen to them tweeting without break, morning and evening. Here are a couple of them. I don’t know their names, but if you do, please do leave me a message about the same and I will update the caption.





“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” ― Robert Lynd

I can vouch for that quote. It is so true. When I was capturing them, it was just me , my camera with the zoom lens attached, the birds and lots and lots of silence.