Friday Findings


Found this on the menu of a restaurant we had been to.  😉


HDR-ing the Orion

This Saturday my friend and I went to the third largest mall in Bangalore, Orion Mall. It’s on the other side of the city, which we don’t usually visit (because of the distance and traffic) and so we decided to stay back after lunch to see the lights. I had my wide angle lens with me for this. It sure is a huge mall and there are enough spaces around where you can really spend a whole day if you want to.
When the lights came, I was glad, because it really looked different and beautiful. Was double glad to see those water works. Tried a long exposure for the milky effect on the fountains.

Wanted to see how the various HDR toning effects in Photoshop (limited trial version) would look on this and here are the effects 🙂



Self Portraits

I came across this story about Arno Rafael Minkkinen and the amazing photographs of his , mostly self portraits but with a lot of nature in it. I really loved those photographs (some may be NSFW). They are all in black and white, which actually adds more beauty to it. When I checked his website, I loved his ‘intro‘ section more 🙂 His tagline is also very cool.

What happens inside your mind, can happen inside a camera

Do check out his website for more photographs. They are really very awesome and creative.

This reminded me of my own self portrait I tried doing sometime back and almost after 40 mins of struggle I finally got the photograph I liked. Not a great one and I did not edit it much, but I kind of liked it. It was also a B & W one and that is my only self portrait photograph I have got framed. Even though I was a little chubbier (a nicer way to say I was fat that time) I still feel happy when I see that photograph because of not the face in it, but the effort that went into it. I am yet to do one that will include my tattoo and may be a pinhole one. It involves a lot of time and patience but it sure is fun. Even though sometimes all the clicks come to naught.

Wordless Wednesday