Filtering the candle light

There might be a few more posts before end of day today 🙂

I love my candles and images that come out of it. I guess I have too many pics of them already and still think of ways to capture the way the light shows or how the shadows change with the candle light and stuff like that. So on an inane urge to mimic something like that, I went ahead and bought myself this LED candle set. Unfortunately out of three, one of the glass holder came broken and so I ended up with two holders and one LED light in different sizes. And as usual I ended up checking out how they look through my camera. So, this is how the original image looked (no editing).


And I wanted to see how they translate to B & W. I used the simple Picasa tools (and today I had some time to play around). So was checking out something.

A simple B & W from the above image looks like this



But a filtered one looks like a little different.

This is a red filtered image:


and this is a green filtered image


I was pretty impressed with the changes. How they seem to be on two sides of a spectrum even though the changes are not that drastic with this image. I was wondering about it and read a little to understand it. I am mostly lazy to play around with my pics. But of late I am finding it interesting.





“Life is like a good black and white photograph, there’s black, there’s white, and lots of shades in between.” – Karl Heiner

 *Photograph of my kitchen bulb taken at night (when the shadows appeared like that of the wheel, without much effort) and edited for better saturation and contrast in Pixlr.