Thank you!

Got this notification today. 4 years already? Wonder how the time just flies by. And just in time for Thanksgiving weekend 😉

I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have been with me on this wonderful journey, who have inspired me,  who have taught me, who have supported and encouraged me and who have visited my site and left a mark in the way of comments/likes/visits. Like any journey, I have made friends here, missed people when they left the blogosphere, shared quips and jokes and what not 🙂 I am glad to be here at this moment and hope to be here for some more time.

Thank you! You are all a Star! Happy Blogging!

Thank you!

Whoa! Its been three years already ? Didn’t realize it until I saw the notification from WordPress.

Interesting that it would be on a Thanksgiving day. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank one and all who have been with me in this blogging journey. I am glad to have made some wonderful friends, acquaintances and have had the opportunity to take part in some interesting projects and prompts.

I recently made this blog an awards free blog, but I do thank every one who bestowed this blog and myself, any award. I am grateful that you were here in this small virtual space of mine and thought it worthy enough, and let me know your appreciation. And that in itself is an award for me. As they say, ‘You gave me your Time, which is the greatest gift of all’

Again, THANK YOU ! and I hope you do come back from time to time. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving and Keep Blogging.

Two years and counting

How quickly the time flies. It feels like I just started and I am here in WordPress, now with two years behind me. Two years already? Phew! I have been very happy, if we can exclude the latest issue with the pingbacks and all. I tried and couldn’t hold my interest in any other social media (I haven’t tried Facebook yet, and even thinking of it feels like a lot of work) or may be I am just a one-(social)media woman. When compared to my blogspot, where I didn’t make any external connections, I have made considerable amount of connections here in WP (that amount not being too many, but still very considerable considering my ability to do so – shucks…did that come out right ? ). I like it here. I am comfortable being here. I am more ‘me’ even though I blog with a mask, but that is just to hide my face and not my character. I don’t say some of the atrocious things I say in real life, and I have no clue why I do that, may be I have the verbal diarrhea which is controlled because typing takes more time than speaking them and also may be I can edit it later. I have become more accepting and understanding about a lot of things and also know what I am actually capable of. And my grammar really sucks. But inspite of all that, being accepted and appreciated has also made me a little more confident in myself. So its a win-win. (Yes those ‘visits’, ‘likes’, ‘comments’ makes me really very happy 🙂 ) And with the blogs I follow, which are varied in their content, I always find my daily dose of fun, encouragement, information, awe, smile and news. Thank you all for the visits, the encouragement, the friends I have made here, my friends who have finally made it here, the posts that make me think, to feel, to analyze, to laugh, to those silent readers, the regular visitors, to all those who have helped me directly and indirectly, each and every one of you who land here in my small small world, welcome and thank you for giving my blog a chance.


Thank you!


A year later…


Today is my blog’s first birthday. It’s been a year since I joined WP and it has been a very interesting journey. I should say this year has been pretty amazing in lot of ways for me, especially with my blog.

I should first thank my friend who inspired me to start something like this in the first place. She recently became a mother to a very beautiful girl. I am very happy for both of them and wish them a very happy life.

As you are aware from my ‘About‘ section, this blog got diversified from its original intent and purposes. Apart from my views on the books , music and movies , I started posting for ‘The Weekly Photo Challenge‘ , ‘A Word a Week Photo Challenge‘ and then for sometime I posted for ‘The Daily Prompt’s‘ (which I kind of lost interest now). I never expected anyone to respond, because honestly I have been having my personal blog in Google Blogger since 2008 and it was like a let out for me during very trying times. This blog initially was an extension to that. But when fellow bloggers participated (via comments/likes/views) in my blog (apart from my handful friends who visit this blog frequently) I felt happy. It is not a easy thing for me to open up to strangers. The encouragement I received especially for my photographs made me feel worthy of something. In fact, I get more views & visitors and even followers on the day I post for the Weekly Photo Challenge :). That in itself is a big encouragement to someone who loves photography (even though it is just an hobby for me). It gives credibility to my photographs and boosts my confidence in it and makes me want to explore a little bit more.

One thing led to another and next I see that I am participating in a couple of projects. These participation’s have helped me to open up more and respond to people too. I don’t have any big goals for the blog as such. But I am glad of what I have been doing till now. More than anything this blog has led me into the lives and learning of various people (by following them or through various links) which has not only made me wiser but also more tolerant of my problems. This WP community is a small world of its own and I am glad to know and be associated with quite a few of them.

I personally detest celebrating birthdays (who wants a reminder that I am a year older now eh?) but I take this opportunity to thank a few people who helped me in this journey , in no particular order. OM, Vicbriggs, LS, Navigator,sustainabilitea. And to all my followers and viewers. Your visits and your comments do mean a lot to me, personally and I am glad to be part of this community and to continue the journey here.

Tusen Takk. நன்றி.

“…there ain’t no journey what don’t change you some.” ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas