Wondering about those likes ?

Most of you who follow OM and/or Linda might know what happened with the recent changes in the ToS of WordPress and the result of the recent automatic limitations on the follows and comments. In lieu with that, here are a few more things I found out and didn’t actually bother about it much. But then thought that it might help someone understand.

a) The Weekly Photography Challenge hosted by the DailyPost of WordPress garners almost thousands of entries. So if you really spend an hour or two going through them and liking the photographs, you might fail to notice that after your 100 or 108 th like of a post(I don’t have the exact count, but it was definitely between these two when I counted last) the rest of your likes don’t get registered. That means for a day you have a limit on the number of posts you like. I did notice this a couple of weeks ago , because I spend my Sunday’s mostly checking the results of the WPC. So make sure you don’t go beyond 100 likes in a day.
b) You might also wonder sometimes how a blogger you were following suddenly has gone MIA and figure out that the blogger was there all along, it was just you who unfollowed the blogger, when in reality you haven’t. I haven’t figured out how or why this happens, but it did happen to me thrice and this isn’t a new thing. This issue has been there since last year. That is why I have started to add a couple of them in Bloglovin’ to have a record of the bloggers I really like and would like to follow so as to not miss them, even though I do check Bloglovin’ only a couple of days a week.
c) WP Reader has a Bloglovin’ kind of interface to categorize and follow blogs. They are called Lists. You can create as many lists and then add only those blogs you want to follow in that category. One disadvantage here is that this doesn’t actually do a ‘follow’ of the blog perse. At least I tried adding mine and did not get any notifications about a follow.


d) With the recent changes to the Notifications, even though they look good and all, some comments have gone missing from the notification list. I had to make sure to check my email or the Comments section to figure them out. The Comments section of the Dashboard is always the one source of truth for the comments. And while you are there, make sure to check for non-spam comments in the Spam section too. I had times when the comments get wrongly marked as spam from people who do comment from time to time and for no reason and I end up finding their comments much later.

That is all I have for now and will update it as and when I find some more.

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