Let’s do it!

I joined a new gym, much closer to home, from this month and as part of their process, they do an evaluation and tell you the kind of exercises, the frequency, etc would benefit you and of course they take your preferences into consideration too. It is a little high tech when compared to the one I was used to. But the best part is that I can use any facilities i.e. the gym, the classes, etc as many times I want and whenever I want. And given that it takes only 10 mins from my home it is a huge deal. No more traffic. And the walk to the gym is my warm up. This video couldn’t have come at the more appropriate time, I should say 🙂 I have done well with my health after gymming for almost 2 years. But there is a lot more to do. The list is ready (after a couple of assessments) and goals are set for the next 6 months. Now, Let’s Do It!