That was bloody brilliant!

It has started

Last week I was talking about how London doesn’t seem to have too many signs as of yet about the EU Referendum and such. Looks like it is getting hotter by the day (and I am definitely not talking about the weather here. It is still cold and I swear that I saw it in the news that there will be heat waves. I am wondering when will that be. Probably after I leave London this weekend). I have started to see posters on people’s windows (saw one more on my way back closer to where I am staying) and some plays and events related to the same. Here is one I caught on my phone. It is on the Drummond Street corner. In case you wanna attend it 🙂

I wish all people who are voting ‘Good Luck’ and may you make the right choice.

Say it in Bold

While I was in Scotland in 2013, I saw posters everywhere promoting Independent Scotland. Wait… Let me in fact, try and get you that photograph I took…

Here we go…


And this time while I was in Cork, I saw this one


My friend who is from Cork was explaining me about this. Interesting!!!

With the Brexit voting coming up soon and the pamphlets being passed through those letter boxes, I am left wondering how I missed such posters about it here in London. Surely there must be one or two isn’t? Am I not concentrating on my surroundings well ? Need to take help from Mad-Eye Moody. But read an article, a cheeky one, about it. I have started to see the adverts for Brexit (both for and against) in YouTube now. Irrespective of how the ‘summer’ is over here, at least the Brexit news is getting hotter by the day.