Downton Funk

This Saturday, I had planned on cleaning up my place, but guess what ‘Downton Abbey’ happened. Yes. I was binge-watching Downton Abbey. I was watching the episodes slow and steady over the weeks, but this Friday (since my internet was disrupted for the whole day) and Saturday got totally lost because of this series. And I completed 4 seasons. Yay!!! I don’t watch much TV or series as such, but when I start I can’t seem to stop. I like period drama and this one has too much drama in it and I kinda love it 😳

There is a song by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, called Uptown Funk. You might have heard it. It’s been on the charts frequently and well, what is there not to like about that song. It is very catchy and a frequent in my playlist. Recently, my friend did the Zumba choreo for that song and we even dance to it now in our Zumba class. It is real fun to dance to that 🙂

Now imagine my surprise when I found this video which combines both. Its hilarious. There are some spoilers about the series, but nothing in detail. And it is done pretty well too 😀 Wonder how they come up with such ideas. Damn!!!

Cosmic Musicology: Clean Bandit

Time for Steve’s Cosmic Musicology Questions and Answers. I think I missed last week. So here we go with this week’s questions and answers.

Are you a good cleaner?  Bottoms Up ft. Nicki Minaj

Sort of. I don’t spend time to make things shiny to look like its was just bought. But sometimes the thought of cleaning up makes me want to do bottoms up of some strong drink.

Do you hold grudges? Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Not always. I mostly accept people just the way they are, but there are times when that becomes very very difficult. At least for now, I don’t have any grudge against anyone. I am not so sure of the future though.

A rock is thrown through your window with a note on it. It says….?  Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

I don’t remember any teenage dream, at least the ones that aren’t fulfilled yet (I had 2 at that time).  But who will be throwing a rock with that message now ? What is the point ?


Simple things

I am feeling lazy today (yeah it is officially a holiday and I was tempted to sing ‘Today I don’t feel like doing anything‘ courtesy: Bruno Mars) and even though I had so many things to do, I ended up just listening to songs (one of them which was on repeat is added below) , reading ASOIAF and  a very long video chat with my folks , which included some crazy and super-high-on-sugar kids who were fighting to see their faces on the camera and some of their excitement was also to tell me how they celebrated Diwali. My first niece promised to save me some sweets, away from the sneaky hands of her father 🙂 I love it when she becomes all caring and considerate. Thanks to the rains this time, at least here where I am, the fireworks have been very very less.


And now to the song of the day:

Cosmic Musicology Test: Comin at ya early!

I missed the Cosmic Musicology Test last week while I was away and was so glad to see it come a little bit early even though I still am doing it on Monday and this time from ‘The Indecisive Eejit‘.

Here are this week’s questions and my answers.

I think I am? Billionaire – Travie McCoy ft Bruno Mars

There ain’t nothin’ wrong in thinkin’ that I am a billionaire is there 😉  even though I am not even close to 0.00001% of it (how much is 0.00001% of a billion anyway ? I wonder) as long as I behave like one. On that note, what do billionaire’s  actually do ?

You think I am? Heroes – Alesso ft Love To

Oooh! OK… I can’t stop anyone from thinking I am a hero but where is mine ?

We should be? Never been in love – Cobra Starship ft Icona Pop

Hmm… What can I say. We should never have been. That is true. But then I got to learn something from that experience. I learnt what love isn’t.

Tuesday Tunes