WPC: Extra, Extra

This week’s photo challenge is : Extra, Extra

That extra splash of color during sunrise.


An extra in the scene. I was about to take the picture of the sleeping statue when suddenly this kid came in between and posed for me. She was so happy that I took her picture and as was I. Now I am not sure who the extra is, the kid or the statue 😉


Those extra fast birds. They were wandering here and there and when I was about to focus on the lady and the dog, these birds walked right into the frame even before I could blink.


Busking for some extra income.


WPC: Work Of Art

OK, Let me try with my take on all things Art

a) Isn’t a Graffiti also an Art ? I love the creativity in this.



b) People busking in the streets of Madrid. It is a real Art , I would say, to stay like the statues for almost 10 minutes without moving (that is as far as I watched them and then got tired of waiting on them to move)



c) On a street in Barcelona, near the Cathedral. I kind of liked it. Isn’t this Art too ?


d) The usual form of Art, sculptures (didn’t want to be left out)


e) And finally a painting


So what do you think ?