They guessed it right!

When I checked the Buzzfeed today, I saw this quiz  Can we guess your mood with a single word. Honestly, I don’t even know the meaning of half of those words and I wasn’t keen on checking the dictionary. So went ahead with what I liked from them. And guess what…they guessed it right. What is my mood ?

Can We Guess Your Mood With A Single Word?

  1. You got: Exhausted

    You either didn’t get enough sleep last night or you’re just perpetually tired of everything (or everyone). You can’t wait to be laying around, not doing much of anything ‘cause that’s what you feel you deserve.

That’s damn right!!!! 100% true!!!
What’s your mood?


When I am bored I love taking some quizzes , anything fun and not adding much pressure to my already exhausted brain. Sometimes, I turn to Buzz-feed for my fun quota. I was really bored during the second half of the work day and took some simple quizzes for fun.

1) Who Is Your “Game Of Thrones” Soulmate?

You know what I got ????

You got: Tyrion Lannister

When it comes to partners-in-crime, it’s brains and not brawn that matter, right? Like Tyrion, you’re sharp as a tack, and aren’t fooled by anyone. Have a large glass of wine, because you and Tyrion are meant to be buds for life.

Yay!!!! My favorite character 😉  Not sure about being soulmate, but yeah buds for life ? why not!

2) What Is Your Scottish Name?

Now, this I wasn’t very sure, because I didn’t know much of the places or the flowers or drinks…So the answer was quite random for the questions asked. And my answer was

You got: Fergus

Hi, your name is Fergus (Fearghas), which means “man-strength”. You are fit, you are strong, you are more powerful than they can possibly imagine.

Hmm… For a female, should it be Fergie ? Hell, whatever ? Sort of matches me to some extent I believe.

Do you wanna play them and let me know what you got ? Are there any other fun games you know of, to keep the boredom away ?