Those Quirky Ones

While doing the short city tour of Cork in our car, because it was raining outside and we had a flight to catch and had only an hour to ourselves to tour the city, I found some cute and quirky shop names. Here are the ones I ended up capturing on my phone.

The Poor Relation Grocery & Pub
The Funky Skunk

There were one in Bandon (in the County of Cork) called ‘The Found Out Cafe’ which I thought was quite funny but didn’t get a picture of the same.

Boy! This says it all about Cork 😉

WPC: Admiration

I always admire the handmade arts and crafts and can spend a lot of time just looking at them making Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote “Admiration for a quality or an art can be so strong that it deters us from striving to possess it.” true. But once in a while I give in and buy such items and those are my proud possessions. We friends had been to an arts cafe once and I spent most of my time browsing the craftworks than eating at that place 😉 So imagine my surprise when I was gifted this very article of my admiration as my birthday gift yesterday (a little in advance because I won’t be seeing them for a month) Have I told you that my friends are the best 🙂

Glow in the dark

On Saturday, after watching the movie ‘Happy New Year‘ (a few words about this movie will come at the end) we went to this art cafe called DYU as suggested by one of our friend. She is a regular there. It looks like an old Kerala styled house and I just loved it. It was raining very heavily hence couldn’t take much pictures of the place (next time hopefully). They had paintings all around which is said to glow in the dark. And some of the painting were kept in a closed space we were trying to take pictures of it and seeing that the owners switched off the lights for a better view 🙂 Here are those (taken with my phone camera). And the food there also was very very good. Very fresh and tasty. IMG_20141025_174927974IMG_20141025_174945145

Now the above painting in the dark.IMG_20141025_175110182

I particularly loved this piece.



And now a quick word on that movie. Granted we went only to have some fun, but seriously that was very badly done. We did laugh at some stupid stuff but it was because we did intend to do it.  The whole heist is taken in Dubai and Hotel Atlantis is so beautiful especially during the dance competition. Very average story. I was surprised by Abhishek Bachchan though, to be honest and I have always liked Deepika Padukone. She has danced very well in this too. What I really loved in the movies ? The final credits part, not because the movie ended, but I like how Farah Khan gives credit to each and every single person who contributed to the movie, right till the drivers by making them appear even if for a few seconds.


After so many Cafe’s like Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee, Kalamane Koffee’s, we had only Starbucks left out here 🙂 Costliest cafe of the lot. But then the quality of coffee is also different. I am not sure if I would go there day in and day out. I would prefer my filter coffee or tea that is served in my cafetaria for Rs 7. But once in a while this place does provide a very cool hangout. Saw a lot of young kids out there enjoying their coffee over a long chat. They have coffee tasting at 12 am, 3 pm and 6 pm. We were lucky to be there to try the hazelnut coffee (if I remember it correctly). (Update: It wasn’t hazelnut coffee. It was caramel machhiato).

IMG_2741IMG_2742 IMG_2745 IMG_2746 IMG_2747

The Ants Cafe

This week’s Sunday brunch was in ‘The Ants Cafe & Store’ in Indiranagar. This is a place where they have a store in the ground floor which has the arts and crafts related to the north eastern part of India and the cafe in the first floor. The food was good. I had a potato blast (the veg breakfast combo, the other one was with mushrooms which I don’t prefer) which was good and very filling. The seats were all in the form of the small chairs (bamboo) or square stool type like in the other photograph. It wasn’t convenient to sit for a very long time though. They had a small room which had the proper chairs but was already full. The only problem was that the orders took too long to arrive and we were too hungry. Other than that, it was a relaxed late breakfast , as usual. It is a medium priced place.

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