This is what you came for

The original is on the top charts now and I kind of like it. But I loved this Table remix cover ūüôā She also has a great voice and I love listening to her mashups and covers.

Cosmic Musicology: Ready Or Not, Here I Come

It’s time for this week’s Cosmic Musicology Questions and Answers.

Lets play.

How was your day? OneRepublic- I Lived

Yup, I survived this day without much drama at work. And that is saying something.


What do you want to achieve this week? Calvin Harris-Blame 

Uh! What? Why on earth would I want to achieve blame ? Please don’t tell me that I might be¬†blame for something I haven’t done. I hate that.


Do you enjoy your job?  Ella Henderson-Ghost

ūüė• What am I supposed to gather from this answer ? I don’t love my job that much to come back and haunt my workplace as a ghost.


Cosmic Musicology Test: Music Kicks the S*** Outta Television…

Time for Steve’s Cosmic Musicology Test for this week. And this time it is from TV series. Sadly I don’t watch them but then, that has nothing to do with this game. So here we go.

X Factor Or Strictly Come Dancing…?   Nickelback РWhat Are You Waiting For?

OK, I watch X Factor¬†very very rarely as I did BGT and have never seen Strictly Come Dancing. So ‘what are you waiting for’ ? just pick one and go and get watching, as long as you enjoy it.

Doctor Who Or Sherlock…? Itch РAnother Man ft. Megan Joy

I did laugh out aloud on this answer. Honestly, I don’t have a clue about Doctor Who and I am a big fan of Sherlock Holmes and I would have been happy to select Sherlock, but another man ? Who is this I wonder! I need to check with my alter ego.

Eastenders Or Coronation Street…? Calvin Harris РBlame ft. John Newman

I know neither, and I blame my incapability to be able to sit and watch any TV series on my impatience.

There I did it. Ufff!