Pinhole Paddy

I just logged into WordPress to post this photograph and I see two Untitled posts with empty contents posted. Don’t know how that happened. I have to look at that soon.

Took this a week or two ago while I was playing around with my pinhole lens. It was a gorgeous day just like today and the Sun was bright. It gave me a lot to work on with a pinhole lens. And Paddy, being the cute toy that he is, was happy to pose ūüėČ

The Novice’s Guide to Better Landscape Photography

Source: Beginners guide to better landscape photography: Infographic


SL-WEEK 15 : Communications

Sylvain’s theme for this week is Communications.

Remember when the mobile phones came in, how they were used only for communicating with one another through speech. Now its used for all kinds and modes of communication, speech, text, photographs what not. All in a span of a decade and world seems so much smaller because of those. I still remember having my first Siemens phone which sort of looked like a huge walkie talkie (I think I recently gave that to my niece to play with) and was too heavy to carry around. Now its all about slick design, as much features as possible (even if we don’t use half of them) etc. But one thing for sure I am happy about¬†is its¬†ability to¬†photograph. What an easy way to capture some beautiful moments in life. Quite handy I would say.


Taken in Bali during the Kechak Dance performance in Uluwatu. There was a lady before me who was trying to take pictures through her mobile phone. For some reason, I like taking photographs of people picturing something through there mobile phones¬†ūüôā I have done this a couple of times with my friends. And I was glad that I could get the focus correctly in this even before she was done with her photograph.

Tagging this post for Julie’s Photo Week Event for this week.

Pinhole View

I bought a¬†Holga HPL-C Pinhole 0.25mm Prime Lens for Canon Digital SLR Camera. Why? Just for the heck of it ūüôā I wanted to try and experiment (as I always do) with lights and stuff. And I read about this Pinhole camera’s and how we can make a pinhole for ourselves. Since I didn’t have the tools or the time to do it myself, I went and bought one. I received it today (i.e. yesterday) and spent some time playing with it. It is so small and weightless.¬†IMG_5512

I tried taking a selfie (yes, you can do that if you have a tripod , a timer (not mandatory though) and lots of time to experiment) and was happy with the result, but then since I ain’t photogenic I promptly deleted it. Then went on with my day and while hearing the song “Up” by Olly Murs and Demi Lovato,¬†I ended up noticing two lines and converting them to a small image. I drew¬†that in a paper and then realized in the evening that I can try to photograph that using my pinhole lens.

Here is the result of that taken through my Pinhole lens and edited a bit using Picasa. Not a good one by any measure, but I just started getting a hang of it. More to come once I get some good ones.question-001
Just in case it wasn’t clear in the image. It says

You drew a question mark
But you know what I want

Are you a Selfie person?

We used this song , #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, to mock one of our friends because he loves to take selfie’s and he bombarded his friends with his pictures and selfie’s through the tour. Now this song is being ripped apart on how the current society is and how narcissistic the selfie concept sounds like etc. etc. Apart from that , I think the song even though is not great, is¬†a different and cool concept because it takes advantage of a concept that is being used in Facebook like a huge lot. During the trip, we saw lots and lots of people who are¬†there on their own trying to take selfie’s because¬†either they are not willing or they are shy to ask someone else to take the photo for them or they are so used to taking the selfies in different angles which makes for a different set of photos. We even saw those Selfie Sticks¬†everywhere. Any place we go, we saw at least 2 couples holding these selfie sticks and taking pictures with them in each of the tourist place. That is also a very genuine and profitable idea, even though it does sort of look funny when you are trying to use it.

Here is a photograph where a person is holding the selfie stick for taking a picture. I am not sure if it is visible, because my intention was the palace and this person holding the selfie stick just happened to turn around and look at us (and we were in a horse driven carriage going around the city ūüėČ )