WPC: Orange

WPC: Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

When we went to Chikmagalur, during our recent vacation, the plantation walk introduced us to the varieties of coffee beans and a lot of other plants which we haven’t seen. But we couldn’t actually taste any of them. But the guide let us have the Oranges from the tree there. It was so juicy and so tasty. Yum!


Here is something in orange color which was so tasty


And finally , an orange colored flag at the top of Sinhagad Fort in Pune.IMG_3923


Candy crush


Want to have some jelly candy anyone? Couldn’t resist buying when I saw them. Yum yum.

Do you want some ?

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Got these shots in a candy store in Seville. It was fun looking at all these varieties and colors. But I don’t like the chewy ones. I prefer the chocolate filled easily crushable candy.