The Tempest

Yesterday evening, while starting for my yoga class, a little later than usual, I got to see this from the terrace. I stood there mesmerized with the image that was displayed in front of me and didn’t move from that place for some time. I really felt good that I had my digital camera with me to capture it.

No wonder I am feeling a little low and down and very sleepy all the time with this kind of weather along with the fact that sometimes work sucks.



PS: One of my friend’s birthday was yesterday, when I wished him again and asked him how his birthday went, his response was ‘Its no big deal. My work is killing me every day; I am born everyday’ (can I use this as my one-liner Wednesday quote ? ) Good to know that there is company with the way I feel about work now.

I had a deal with him that for every such quote he spews, if I happen to use it in my post I will credit it to him with some name, which I forgot. So I am going with the name ‘ailurophile’.

Its Raining, Its Pouring

Caught a couple of photographs of today’s heavy downpour.



WPC: Contrasts (2)

Couldn’t resist posting these two images for Contrasts



Painterly by nature ?


This picture was taking during the train ride to Granada from Seville, which was very early in the morning. We saw the sunrise during the train ride. The photograph was taken with my Canon Digital Powershot A2500 HD which was the quickest I could get my hands on. The other one was packed in my backpack and kept up in the luggage rack. It was very misty and with clouds wandering everywhere, it did give a very painterly effect to the whole scene and I am not sure who clicked it (because B and myself were using my camera left, right and center for clicking the pictures) but I hope we got the essence of the scene as it was (especially to take it from the high speed train with that glass which always reflects your camera not to mention your face too).

So , what do you think ? Does it give you the watercolor painting effect ?

Bannerghatta Zoo

We took my nieces and nephew to the Safari (We took the Jeep Safari) and Butterfly park in Bannerghatta National Park. We couldn’t cover the zoo because of the heat. Here are some pics from the Safari. My first niece is now totally put off on the word Zoo because of the scare she got when the tiger started chasing us (and we were in a closed jeep). My second niece (the rowdy of the three) was so brave that she was trying to get close to the window and calling the tiger and lion and challenging them (hey! you! what do you think! I am not scared of you – these are some of the phrases that she was yelling in her broken sentences) and my nephew, was sort of undecided on whether he should be scared or amazed. So he kept quiet and was having a look at the animals and as soon as we reached home , went to his grandma (my mom) and started telling the story of how the tiger almost attacked us (That poor tiger just was intrigued by the jeep and was trying to come near and see what it was , so when the driver picked up speed it sort of ran towards us…that is all it did)

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