Cormoron strikes again

Ever since I registered for the 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited, I am on a reading spree. I can almost star in the advertisement ‘We are the readers‘ 😛 with me and my new Kindle paperwhite! But before going there, let me tell you about the latest adventure of our recent favorite detective Mr Cormoron Strike. ‘The Career or Evil‘, part 3 of the Strike Series by Robert Galbraith.

Finally, in this series, we get a lot of back story of our favorite assistant Ms Robin. And she plays a very active role in this book. Don’t worry, no spoiler alerts here. I am gonna try and keep it as clean as possible. Their on and off chemistry gets a little frustrating in between…its like, they aren’t sure whether to go ahead with their liking for each other or not. They get close and they go apart…It happens quite a lot in this than the other two books. And I did feel that this felt a bit longer than the other two. Well, with those two main complaints out of my way, let me go with the nice ones.

We get a glimpse of the world that was once a part of Cormoron. His past, his pain, and well, his enemies too. He is no big hero, getting into fist fights and jumping over the roofs and all. He is normal in lot of ways, screwing up stuff, missing deadlines, missing the clues lying right before his eyes, not giving enough credit to our Ms Robin. That makes him more real. More likable. The ending was a cliff hanger and a little bit too dramatic but at least we are left with ‘WTH just happened’ kind of feeling 🙂 , which is good by the way.

There are one too many villains in this story when compared to the other ones. But it was very interesting in a lot of ways. It gets more personal , just like our latest James Bond movie, hitting it close to home, almost running Strike to the ground.

It was a good and interesting read and I rated it 4/5 in Goodreads.

In the end…

I am currently reading the book ‘Career of Evil’ (Coromoran Strike 3 ) and there was this scene where Strike is contemplating about death. It is actually a scene where in some folks celebrate the death of a fellow friend in a way they deem fit for him. They drink, they sing a song which talks about their school days etc. Here in my place, when someone dies, they take a procession with song, dance etc…to the crematorium. I used to wonder why this big fan fare? But now, I think its not about the death, its more about celebrating a life that was well lived.

It did not make me melancholic or anything, but reminded me of a poem I love and have mentioned the same quite a few times in this blog. It’s written by Kamala Das. Here it is again, for all the new readers.

When I die
Do not throw the meat and bones away
But pile them up
And let them tell
By their smell
What life was worth
On this earth
What love was worth

It might seem very dark, but for some reason this has been my favorite poem since college. Something about the way the death wish is conveyed in a very crude , cruel and yet very honest way made me remember these lines for all these years. I got to read another one of hers recently, which is totally on the other side of the previous one. I like this one too. I guess based on my mood, I might select one or the other to recite 🙂

I cannot fold
my wayward limbs to crawl into
coffins of religions.
I shall die, I know,
but only when I tire of love;
tire of life and laughter.
Then fling me into a pit
six feet by two,
do not bother to leave
any epitaph for me.

Right now, my mood is leaning towards the second one.

This got me thinking. In our religion, we cremate the bodies. I wish mine to be done in a electric crematorium and done within a few seconds. I don’t care where my ashes go. Can human ashes be good fertilizers ? Apart from how my body transforms, as a soul, how do I want to be known when I leave this world in search of a better place? Do I want to be known at all? I wouldn’t be honest if I said ‘No’. I do want to be known. I do want to be remembered. But not because I did something good, not because I did something effective…simply put, not because of something I did, but because of who I was. All I wish for is a single smile when my soul flies, acknowledging a soul who loved and was loved and wishing me good luck on my next journey.