Self Driving

This video by Tesla, titled “Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Teslas” is very cool.

I wonder, what would happen in cities like Bangalore, where it is almost always bumper to bumper traffic. How will these cars react? Will they get frustrated and after a while of bad traffic and dealing with people with almost zero common sense or should I say road sense, will these engines just change themselves into Transformers and start walking over people? or will they self destruct because of the pressure? What happens if any of these hardware malfunctions? or if someone hacks into these systems and corrupt them and instead of going forwards they start driving in reverse?

Thank God, its Friday already 😉


While driving to office, I saw a car with the sticker on its side saying ‘Feel my love’. I was half tempted to go close and touch it with my car (aka scratch it) oh-so-lightly to see if there would be sparks between the cars…didn’t know that the devil on the left shoulder was a little dominant today than the angel on my right 😉

I get these kind of thoughts when I see such lines on the cars. The other one that really gets me worked up is ‘Catch me if you can’. Nothing like that line to actually make me rev up my engine and race the car and go to the front stop them and tell them…hell yeah!

I guess the fact that it is Friday today and I am leaving home to be with the kiddos over the weekend has got me all excited. I might not be joining any of the usual challenges (weekly photo/SoCS) this week. Before I leave, here is a song that has been playing in my head all this week (and thanks to my friend who did it as a Zumba number too and now I can even dance to it 😉 )

Have a great weekend y’all!

SoCS: Reading is Easy

I am adding this at the beginning this time because of the challenge as part of this week’s post

Posting it for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt

This week’s prompt will be slightly more of a challenge, should you choose to accept. Your prompt is to include the word read (present tense), read (past tense) or red. The extra challenge? Publish without reading. Just do your best while you write, then make a really squinty face and pluck up the courage to hit that button. If you’re brave enough to do it, make sure you tell us you’re going to at the end of your post.

OK, so here it goes.

Reading is something that was never in our growing up agenda. So when I took to reading , mostly fiction, when I started work, I got addicted. But it also opened up a whole new world for me and I used to wonder how it would have been if I had this habit growing up. But I am very glad that my sister realized it much earlier and she is already encouraging my nephew, 3+ years now, into reading. Of course he can’t read anything now, but he loves books and he would always ask his mom or if I am there, me , to read it for him. The only thing I am not particularly happy about it sometimes is that he would expect me to weave him new stories on the fly about something he thinks of. He would go ‘Aunty, tell me a story about the sheep’. Well, at least with those Aesop fables I have read, I can recollect a story here and there and tell him. But then when he says, tell me a story about the fly, that is when I get into trouble. I am surprised by the way my sister is able to handle it. She is able to mix and match stories and finally she comes up with something convincing. But I always sit blank when he asks me like that. My creative capacity is nothing to write about. Not only that he has also started telling his own stories now that he can form words. He started speaking very recently but very fluently. And he doesn’t want to stop 🙂 which is nice because he has all those fancy little stories that he tells us and he is happy with himself too about it. I think I have gone on about long enough now. Ah ! one more thing. He loves red cars. Thought I will use that word too 😉 And yes, that has got everything to do with Lightning McQueen in Cars movie and may be the fact that we own a red chevy also might have added fuel to his fascination. Because all he ever buys are red cars.

OK. Now that I am done, I am gonna go ahead and press publish and I seriously hope that it isn’t bad. God help me and those who read this 🙂

A Car a day ….

My nephew (sister’s kid) is in town since New Year. As you already know, he is fond of cars, so very much. I now know how he got all those 50+ cars at his home.

He needs to buy a car a day. The first day he got MaterIMG_0383-2

and the next day he got not one by two cars, he sort of took it by himself and went to the billing section 🙂


And he wasn’t ready for any compromise to have only one car that day. So the next day we cancelled the purchase of any car. And today he started that he needed a jeep right from the moment he opened his eyes.

I am wondering how to cure this kid of his infatuation 😕

According to this fellow,

a car a day keeps his boredom at bay !!!!


a car a day keeps this guy happy and gay!!!!

I wonder how many cars he is gonna take with him when he goes back  or if he is leaving them here, then I would have to start a “Car Toys R Us” locally to sell them off.

Marking this post as part of JustJoJan

Boys and their toys

Does this look like a traffic jam?

IMG_1466It sure is. Traffic jam inside a house because of the number of cars, of all sizes, that are trying to vie for attention of my nephew. He has around 45+ more cars (most of them red in color). With such a fascination for cars, there is no doubt that he is a hard core fan of ‘Cars’. IMG_1463 IMG_1465