Taboo – ****

Picked up another crime detective psychological thriller from Kindle Unlimited and finished it in a day 🙂 It’s called Taboo. Written by a husband and wife duo, Casey Hill, this is their debut novel. Of course with a title like that and the book starting with a nightmare, it kept me intrigued. It has a slow start but picks up speed. Again, this is also a series, Reilly Steele series, so I would have to keep up with it and read the rest of them as soon as they are available.

The story takes place in Dublin, Ireland. The main character, the female lead as you already know from the title of the series, is an American but she moves to Dublin as a Forensic Investigator and gets involved in a series of murder investigations.  She has accomplices in the Police Force in the form of Chris and then later Kennedy. I liked the writing, the pace (not too fast and not too slow), the way the forensics are explained, Freudian references etc. Kept me captivated from the beginning till the end. I was not able to figure out the culprit until almost the very end and in between I did make some wrong guesses, which is good 🙂 Not too cliched either. I gave this book 4 stars in Goodreads. It also gives a sneak peek into the next book, which also starts with a bang. Now gotta see when I can pick that up.