The Hunger Games – 1 & 2

I was suggested to definitely watch the Hunger Games series (movies). For some odd reason I haven’t really felt like watching it till now, inspite of the fact that I like Jennifer Lawrence’s acting. May be because it was a sort of dystopian movie ? But then I gave in to the suggestion and watched both Hunger Games – 1 and Catching Fire (Hunger Games – 2 ). And this post is going to be about both the movies put together.

May be if I had read the books I might have seen the movie in a different perspective. I like strong women characters in my books (or weak women learning to be strong….you know that kind of thing). And that is applicable for movies too. So yes, I should have loved this movie, but somehow it doesn’t quite hit the mark for me. I liked it and that is where it ends. Here is what I liked. I liked the character of Katniss Everdeen , a woman who is willing to do anything to save her sister and her family. She is also very kind and vulnerable and almost lost the game when she saw the other kid die. A sort of perfect balance of characteristics in a woman and complemented by a nice , kind and protective man Peeta Mellark. Since everyone else is shown as ruthless and vindictive she has no qualms about killing them and the ones she likes and liked well, they are killed by the other ruthless group so she has no guilt to carry with her. But what happens when she has to face with the fact that she has to kill Peeta and claim the success? She decides that it isnt worth it and she forces the organizers to accept two winners or lose both of them. Well smart move there. So far it was good, that means the first movie was really interesting in many ways. The organized gaming structure, the malicious ways the rulers followed the ‘divide and rule’ policy to perfection, the costumes, the art direction – everything was very promising.  And I would have happily accepted if the movie series ended there. But then we have a dystopian world to set in order. So there comes the second part.

Now in the second part, the rulers are getting the feeling that they were forced to accept something from the contestant and that is such a no-no, so they twist the rules and call upon the winners to participate this time rather than random people. All this to eliminate Katniss very cleverly. But by then, the seed of revolution has been sown. And again the new set of attackers and competitor’s in the same old Hunger Games come into play. Except that this time there is a good side and a bad side amongst the competitors. So the good side wants to protect themselves and especially Katniss. And the rulers find different ways to kill them, which sort of really gets boring after some time. Same moves but different players that is all. All it mattered in the second movie was that the revolutionists wanted to make sure Katniss with her vulnerable and yet protective nature is saved from the games and use her as their leader to overthrow the rulers. And they end it with the cliffhanger where she is sort of betrayed only to be saved / rescued by the revolutionists and they leave out Peeta to be captured by the rulers. The second movie sort of fizzed out half way, when the elements became repetitive. The only thing out of it is the way people start to react to the rulers and slowly they are getting ready / already there to protest. Katniss is having a group now to help her rather than figure it on her own and she is pulled into a different game altogether even without her knowledge. That idea is good, but does it require such a long movie ? I wasn’t convinced. And Jennifer didn’t have that much strength (in terms of her role ) as she had in the first. I am not sure if I am putting it right, but there was something very much missing in the second. Will I watch the upcoming remaining movies of the series. Sadly yes, because it is a series and I cannot leave it half way, that is so not me 🙂 but my expectations will be very low. Not all movie series have been successful.