WPC: Prolific


A Beautiful glasswork from one of the many prolific ones in Canterbury Cathedral. It was a huge place and we spent close to two hours just to look around the Cathedral.

K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Interiors

Some of the beautiful interiors I have seen in the Cathedrals are displayed here for this week’s CosPhoChal.
From The Vatican:
From Cordoba’s Cathedral:

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SL-Week: Pride

This week’s prompt from Sylvain is Pride.

This photograph was taken from the top of the Tower of Seville’s Cathedral.  Why am I am proud of this photograph? It is because this is the first tower I climbed during my trip to Spain, (and its 35 floors above) without any support (i.e. nothing to hold on to) and without any help (i.e. without taking the help of my friends to carry my camera bag, which can be quite heavy with all my lenses and stuff). I am afraid of heights and I had a broken ankle the previous year and Spain trip was the first trip after my ankle got better. But still the fear of falling down again or slipping up was very much there. And while climbing this tower (which doesn’t have stairs), I almost stopped at level 24 and was sweating so badly because of fear of falling. But failing after halfway through wasn’t something I was ready to live with and so I slowed down and went ahead and finally when I reached the overcrowded tower, I was so overwhelmed with peace and contentment. And I was proud of myself because I didn’t left myself fail that day. 1-IMG_4656

WPC: Door

For this week’s photography challenge: Door

At Notre Dame Cathedral's door
At Notre Dame Cathedral’s door
Seville Cathedral
Seville Cathedral
For a change, a woman walking through the door captured in a glass
For a change, a woman walking through the door captured in a glass


WPC: Converge

For this week’s photography challenge: Converge

Where the patterns converge in the ceiling of the Seville Cathedral


Two small hills converging in Goan Beach.


and finally the convergence of river water and waves in Goa

Sea and River meets..see the X pattern waves