They are never happy to see me.

Cat and I haven’t got along very well, ever. No wonder, this one also wasn’t too happy to see me. I half-expected him/her (can never figure that out) to jump on me…But then I guess he/she didn’t want to be strained to have a go at me on a weekend.

A-Z Book List: K for Kiki

What constitutes a book? I go with the definition “a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.“, irrespective of their size and volume. I could have gone with a lot of other books for the K series like ‘Kite Runner‘ (which is an amazing book, because it made me cry – yes, literally cry, for a day or two and I refused to watch the movie after some time because I couldn’t bear to see the pain) or ‘King Solomon’s Mines‘ (yes, I do have that book and a children’s version of it too and let me tell you, it’s a very cute book to read) or any such. But instead, I chose to go with a book which doesn’t have any rating (except two) in Goodreads. I don’t even know how to categorize it. But it is a book and I have it with me. How else will I introduce you to these treasures I have heh? 😉

Name: Kiki and Other Stories by Sunanda

Genre: Children’s Literature, Fantasy

Again, I don’t remember when I got this one. I used to go to a lot of book sale events, once upon a time (when I started working, that is, and found that I had my own money with which I can do whatever I want and so, I went and bought as many books and music cassettes as possible) This is a very short book, shortest and the smallest in my collection, so far. Just 48 pages and of all the animals I had to get a book on, I went and got one about Cats. The one animal that doesn’t like me. Go figure. But then I know that they didn’t like me very recently. Those days I used to think that if dogs like me, there is no way a cat won’t like me. They are all pet animals right? Same logic applies doesn’t? Well, I was naive. I definitely don’t want a snake to like me. Thank you very much.

Coming back to the book. It is about cats which can be considered bedtime stories for kids and since it is small and handy they would definitely love it. I am going to try this on my nieces and nephew who are going to be here for their annual vacation for a week.  And I hope that this book brings a smile to their faces just like it did to me when I got it and read it some 10 years ago.

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Puurrrfect Auditions

I am not a big fan of cats. But this was one cute video 🙂 Very well done. Promoting their country through those cute little furry creatures. Can I send the purrfurrs, that are residing in my apartment and are using my scooter as their resting place, to Singapore and hope that they win and stay back there? (I think that is the best way to get rid of them…)


Catty Business

I am not sure if you people know anything about my (mis)adventures with animals, mostly cats. I did a whole rant post. Among all animals that have troubled me, cats rank the first. If you read that post you will understand. They never were happy to see me. Want proof, check this post.  If you see, there is an underlying theme there. They don’t like me and they think they can overtake me and my home. I don’t really care for their liking towards me, because it is sort of mutual, even though I can’t hate any animals, liking is a different matter altogether. But the second one, I do have a say and unless you are a very big animal like Elephant/Lion or something like that, I can overtake and overthrow you from ‘my’ home. Period.

What brought this on? Yesterday while I was locking my front door on my way out, I heard a distinct meow. Wondering if my nightmares are coming true I turned around and saw that there wasn’t any cat nearby. But then the sound kept increasing and in a few seconds, I saw a cat coming down the stairs. I am waiting for the day when they arrive by lifts, but then the lift in my apartment is of the grilled sort. So, unless someone helps them, they can’t.  It came down to my floor. Sat on the floor and started meowing me. I tried to ask the cat, if it wanted anything and why is it even in this apartment. It started to meow a little forcefully and strongly as if it was annoyed that I didn’t get what it said. It felt for that minute that the cat was really trying to tell me something and then started to scold me because I wasn’t getting a single word of what it was saying. Thankfully my watchman, who was on his way down, chased the cat away. Not before it turned and gave me ‘that’ look. Why? I thought I was done with them. Not again, man. Not again.

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