Closer Parody

I am not sure if you have heard of the song ‘Closer‘ by The Chainsmokers (the same who did the famous Selfie) ft Halsey (the one whose Castle I love very much). I am not a big fan of parodies but some are done very well and brings out a chuckle. Here is one I saw of this song and it made me laugh out loud.

Are you a Selfie person?

We used this song , #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, to mock one of our friends because he loves to take selfie’s and he bombarded his friends with his pictures and selfie’s through the tour. Now this song is being ripped apart on how the current society is and how narcissistic the selfie concept sounds like etc. etc. Apart from that , I think the song even though is not great, is a different and cool concept because it takes advantage of a concept that is being used in Facebook like a huge lot. During the trip, we saw lots and lots of people who are there on their own trying to take selfie’s because either they are not willing or they are shy to ask someone else to take the photo for them or they are so used to taking the selfies in different angles which makes for a different set of photos. We even saw those Selfie Sticks everywhere. Any place we go, we saw at least 2 couples holding these selfie sticks and taking pictures with them in each of the tourist place. That is also a very genuine and profitable idea, even though it does sort of look funny when you are trying to use it.

Here is a photograph where a person is holding the selfie stick for taking a picture. I am not sure if it is visible, because my intention was the palace and this person holding the selfie stick just happened to turn around and look at us (and we were in a horse driven carriage going around the city 😉 )