Hope is a Good Thing!

In one of APN’s post she explains why a particular movie quote is her favorite, as part of the response for a daily prompt.  When I commented with my favorite quote she asked to write about it. So, here it is  🙂

My quote was from the famous movie ‘Shawshank Redemption’ :

hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

My first ever post in this blog was titled ‘Hope‘ (dated 26/Nov/2012) . That is how much I believe in this thing called hope.  Then I remembered a post I did earlier about hope, faith and charity. In that too I did reiterate how I always vote for hope. And the same quote came up there too. If you scrounge my posts, you will always see lots of posts which touches the topic of hope in one way or another. That is because in my life, the one and only thing that kept me going through the rough times was hope. Hope that the troubles I am facing will make me a stronger person and eventually  lead me to my destination, even though it may not be the path I wanted to travel. Hope that in the face of all the bad people I encounter, there will be at least one good person to take my hand and guide me through. Hope that with that small candle I will still be able to get close enough to see the light that would point the end of the tunnel. And I have come so far in my life with that belief and have become a much better person. I have had a lot of help from all quarters, no doubt about it at all. But what kept me sane was my hope that things will change for the better. Especially the ones which aren’t in my control. The one’s I can change I either try and change or I just don’t complain. When after all that effort nothing comes through, all I am left with is hope that one day may be my efforts will be paid, and the only thing I can do for now is keep trying. So yeah, I thrive on hope and yes, hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies, just as Andy believes and lives in that movie.

Tagging this quote for One-Liner Wednesday too.

Check that off the list

Yay!!! Finally, I got to see a live musical concert. I wanted to go to one for a very long time. And finally this one came along. The Journey of a Thousand Smiles, an event organized by Sophia High School to promote education among children in villages. Deepika Padukone, the actress, an alumni did a guest appearance. The show started with the music group ‘Bridge‘ doing covers for popular English numbers for an hour. They started with ‘Summer of 69’, followed by ‘The Climb’ (Miley Cyrus, which got all the young girls grooving), ‘Objection’ and ‘Waka Waka’, by Shakira etc etc. They really got the concert vibe started and got it going in full form. The female vocalist had an amazing voice and to hear her sing, it was too good. We sang along for the songs we knew the lyrics of. It was followed by the dance performances by another alumni, Sneha Kapoor. Her performance was good.

And then, Deepika Padukone came and there were some heart to heart moments between her and the school. It was like a high school reunion for them. She also did an impromptu short performance with her friends. After that enters Farhan Akhtar and his band Farhan Akhtar Live and all hell broke loose. I never knew my friend could shrieeeeek like that… And after that till 11 pm until the show ended, I was torn between watching my friends sing to every song and dancing, pouting that we weren’t close enough to the stage and Farhan’s energetic performance. It was a tough choice 🙂 And of course I joined them for a song or two and did some moves because with the crowd around jumping and cheering and singing to each song, it is just not possible to not be part of it. It gets to you. You just let go. Even though you end up having a sore throat that you just don’t want to talk the next day. Even though your ears are still ringing from all the shrieking and screaming and singing and you still have to go to that movie you have booked because you can’t miss it at any cost (yeah…going to ‘Hobbit – Part 3’ today, yay!! again) Farhan and his team for their part did an amazing amazing job keeping the crowd involved, entertained and always on their toes. He also made sure to promote the ‘The Real Mard (Men Against Race and Discrimination) ‘ which he is a part of.

After that high energy performance and experience ending on a high note with Rock On – Socha hai, we headed to Movenpick‘s restaurant, My Place, for a late dinner. Here are some photographs. It was a blast. And I got to tick that ‘Live Concert’ item from my bucket list. Yay!!!

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