Splash of Colour

“I find him in the curves of certain lines, in the loveliness and subtleties of certain colours.”
― Oscar Wilde


auf Wiedersehen

What a coincidence, that this week’s Sylvain Landry’s theme should be about Memories. I was wondering what to do for a friend who is leaving us and this country for better opportunities and here is a chance. We friends started travelling together a couple of years ago, but he joined us in our travels since this year. So far he has been to 2 trips and four places with us which includes a local and a foreign trip and I sincerely hope that he enjoyed travelling with this crazy bunch, not to mention we enjoyed his craziness too (which is equivalent to sum of the rest of ours 😛 )

I don’t think he will appreciate me writing some nice words and all, so I will skip all that and not embarrass him. But dear Logan (original name changed and this name is used as a result of an inside joke) here is a collage in memory of all the places we have been to. I made sure to add that particular sunset in Tanah Lot you wanted me to capture. And hope that you join us in the future travels too.
PS: Places in clock wise direction: Chikmagalur, Belur, Bali, AngkorWat

Wishing you all the good luck in your future endeavors and wishing you some exciting experiences. May your life get more crazier and more happier.

I wanted to end it with this 😉

Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say ‘Are you going to drink that?


Today is World Pinhole Photography Day. Any one interested in pinhole photography can check out the site “Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day” and participate in submitting their pinhole photographs.

I got a pinhole lens from Holga this January to try my hands at it. And used it during the trip to Chikmagalur too. Here is my pinhole photograph of a sunrise at Eagle Eye Resorts.


Hope you all have a great day and Good Luck with your pinhole photographs. Even though my official vacation hasn’t started yet, I am enjoying my unofficial local vacation with my nieces and nephew until I fly for my international vacation 🙂 Catch you all soon.

Keep blogging, Be safe and Enjoy life.

Look at your feet

One of my friend has this weird habit of taking photographs of our feet together, wherever we travel. Why? Just because he can and its a change from taking the pictures of the faces all the time 😀 When I was going through some of my photographs, I saw that I have taken a leaf from his book and have pictures of the feet of either the group or mine. It’s weird I know but still, its fun.

This was taken during our Chikmagalur trip this January after the morning hike.IMG_5880

This was taken during the Funicular ride to Montjuïc during our last year’s trip to Spain.20140409_142122-001

If I dig a little more, I would find one from each trip that we did 🙂 I would have to look at them sometime and collate them.

Catch you all sometime next week before my vacation starts. I will be taking a break until then. Take care.

WPC: Early Bird

While doing our early morning trek in Matheran, we first visited this lake, called Charlotte lake for our sunrise.


During our stay at Chikmagalur, went for a early morning walk around the estate and took this view from my phone.


Nothing beats the sunrise at the beach, even if the sun is rising on the other side 🙂 Taken in Alibaugh during a morning walk.