Profane Rant

I generally avoid using curse words / profanity while speaking. That means, I definitely say them in my mind. I am just a little conscious of it while I speakĀ because I don’t ever want to slip up in front of my nieces or nephew. Trust me, they are at an age where I end up explaining each and every single thing I say. And they do look up to me a lot and follow my mannerisms (because they like me a lot too šŸ˜‰ ) So I make sure that I never get into the habit of using profanity ever. And the few times I had missed, I managed to silence the whole room. Having said that, I really hate it when the TV, especially the music channels, try and mute the curse /profanity based words in a song. Ā It is not that people don’t use it in their day to day life. If the intention is to make sure to not create enough damage well, in that case, just do not play the song at all. You cannot watch Hateful Eight or Pulp Fiction ever if you want to mute those words on TV. It would be so odd having to hear a beep or a mute every few minutes (or is it seconds?)

Some songs aren’t the same without those words. Here are some of the examples (and these are explicit versions, so if you are not a fan of EDM and curse words etc… you shouldn’t be listening to these) I have heard the clean version of the songs (for those that are available) and they just aren’t the same. Obviously, I won’t be playing these in front of my nieces and nephew but atleast I should be able to hear it without hearing ‘hhhhhmmm’ instead of the f*** word. For e.g. it comes in the “This Summer’s gonna hurt like a hhhhhmmmhmmmm” When I heard it the first time, I wasn’t sure what it meant. Hurt like a what?
Hardwell feat. Harrison – Sally

AronChupa – I’m an Albatraoz

DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Maroon 5 – This Summer’s Gonna Hurt

In my Zumba class, my instructor would rather have a clean version of a song instead of using the one with those words. Example Nicki Minaj’s Starships. The clean version just mutes the f*** word a little bit. Everyone who comes to the class is above 18 and in between a heavy workout, almost everyone uses the f*** word out loud to express how intense the song choreo was. I might as well have the song with the explicit version so that I can voice it out while doing the workout (and itĀ won’t be heard anyway šŸ˜‰ )

What brought this on? Deadpool. That guy really doesĀ it šŸ˜› We might watch it this weekend, but it will be censored heavily here in India. And that pisses me off very badly.

Colossus: We can’t allow this, Deadpool.
Deadpool: I don’t have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus! Besides, nobody’s getting hurt!


My choices for Grammy’s

It’s the Grammy’s time of the year. Since I wont be available this weekend I thought I will post my choices for the winners and see how close I got to the actual ones šŸ™‚

You can check out the nominees.
It’s all fun. I go only with the Pop genreĀ mostly. Here is my list. Do you have yours ?

Category My choice Remarks
RECORD OF THE YEAR All About That Bass This is a pretty tough choice to make.
I love Sam Smith and Shake it off and Chandelier are equally very very very good.
But I felt that All about that Bass was like a breath of fresh air
ALBUM OF THE YEAR In The Lonely Hour My first preference in this list is Sam Smith, so yeah I would go with his album
SONG OF THE YEAR Take Me To Church Again a very tough choice.
But this new song just tugs my heart every single time I hear it
and I just love the lyrics of this song a lot.
BEST POP SOLO PERFORMANCE All Of Me Why are there so many good options in each category ?
Its so tough to choose šŸ˜¦
BEST POP DUO/GROUP PERFORMANCE Say Something Hands down I will choose this even though I do love all the other songs in this category
BEST MUSIC VIDEO Chandelier Tough choice between ‘We Exist’ & ‘Chandelier’
BEST COMPILATION SOUNDTRACK FOR VISUAL MEDIA Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 I know that ‘Frozen’ being there in the list, its gonna be a risk to choose this, but I wanted to choose something other than Frozen and this was the best of the lot for me

Choices R Us

I come from a culture where , at least for women, the choices in life were very less. I mention it in past tense, because it is so for me and lot of people I know. But it does still exist for quite a prominent population down south. I had less choice when it came to a lot of that pertain to myself. Not that I regret it now, but yes that was a fact. For e.g. I did not have any choice in the college that I would have liked to go to. I was sort of forced (due to my good rank actually) to check out one college which my parents wanted to (and in fact I wanted another one, even though both were women’s college) and sadly that one , which my parents chose, offered me computer science and was happy to take me up (and I wanted mathematics) and since I got accepted I was left with no choice than to continue. Now because I did not get a choice doesn’t mean I could perform badly. It is not in my nature. So I did good and well I am happy to be where I am, even though things wouldĀ have been different if I did choose the other one. But I am not sure if I would be writing this post then ! So yes, in the Western world when people have so many choices especially in the matters of educationĀ I always felt that we were lacking behind. We still have a set of subjects that youĀ haveĀ to study till you complete your board exams. There are no choices there and then there is a choice of which stream you want to do and all that. So when I came across this Ā Ted Talk by Sheena Iyengar about ‘The Art of Choosing‘, it got me interested. In case you are not willing to watch the video, here is the transcript of the same.

It gives us the various ways we perceive the choices and the assumptions we make related to choicesĀ and how it matters in various cultures. Its interesting to hear her speech. Especially when she is blind and her set of choices are rather limited but in a way , as she says at the end, she is able to analyse it much better than the people who are able to choose with all those visual distractions.

I prefer less choices, because, as she says in that video, most of the times its just variations of the same thing, like the soda. Irrespective of Coke or Pepsi, it is still soda and I refrain from them unless I am dying of thirst. But I wouldn’t say no to the opportunity to choose. We should be given choices at least in the matter where it directly impacts us. We do have the freedom now, at least I do. But that cannot be said for a lot of people out here. Those choices define us as a person and we learn a lot about ourselves from our choices , if they are bad then weĀ learn about what doesn’t work for us, if they were good we know what works for us.