Merry Christmas Wishes

Another year, Another Beer Bottle Tree

Last year was the first time I saw this unique Christmas Tree, made of beer bottles. You can check out the post here. So this year, I went looking for it, to see if they did uphold that tradition. Sure, they have. Except that the brand of the beer bottles got changed this year, is all. And this year, I got a picture of the tree with three stars close to it. It was as if the stars were leading us to the tree 😉


And, this tree was made of…

There is a church on the way back from my gym which hosted a different kind of Christmas Tree. I have been wanting to ‘click’ it for sometime and got the chance yesterday night. I didn’t want to intrude during the festival times. It was rather empty yesterday. OK, so here is that tree, which is made of stars. Yes, just stars. In daylight it looks a little empty! But at night, it is the best sight to behold.
And on closer look, I guess it is one of the best ways to put up a tree. Use the kids of the families attending the church to create a star and add their wishes to it and put that up in the tree?

What do you think about this tree? I just loved it. Isn’t it very cute and creative.

This tree was made of…

When I was coming from my gym one night, I saw this tree near a Bar + Grill place. My first thought was ‘What the heck is that?’ and then on a closer look realized those were the empty beer bottles used to create a Tree and I couldn’t stop taking a photograph of it. And my friend informed that this was like a ‘tradition’ during Christmas time for that place to put up a tree like this.
People do surprise me with all their inventive ideas, that is for sure.


Angel on a Tree

As promised, here is a photograph (taken using my phone) of the Angel up on a Christmas Tree 🙂


“Your guardian angel never, ever stops communicating with you.
I feel that at times they should be frustrated with us but they seem to have endless patience and they never ever give up on us. ”
― Lorna Byrne, Angels In My Hair